Lucy Lawless / Elliott Smith
October 17, 1998



Let me start by rectifying something I said a few weeks ago to some of the other reviewers in here...regarding the "Best of the first 20 minutes of SNL" commercial,I stated that they probobly put the thing together after the dress rehersal. I have now figured that this may only be true for a few of the clips shown,but not for the clips of the monologue. Why? OK,here goes...from time to time,during the last NBC program to air before SNL,the folks at SNL will put together a 30 second real commercial to air in the last half hour of that night's program. The night of the Cameron Diaz/Pumpkins show,the preceding program was "The Bad Boys of SNL",and like most of us here,I taped it. A couple days ago,I was kinda flipping through the tape again,and I caught a Dress rehersal-ensembled commercial in the last half hour,and I saw two things: There was a clip of a sketch that Cameron was in,where she appeared to be on a voting panel with some old guys,which never made it to air,and the other was a clip of the monologue,and she was wearing a long sleeve,puffy necked pink sparkly sweater,as opposed to the live episode's titilating black dress.

The thing is,in the "20 minutes" parody,she's wearing the black dress,not the dress rehersal sweater,so at least the they put the monologue clip in from the live show.But they did use some rehersal material,i.e. the "Shot of the band" they showed wasn't the same as the live episode's...on with the overview. Damn,I can't think of much to say in the overview,heh...:::Sean chucks a jar of pickles at GE in disgust::: GET ON WITH IT!!! :::Eats some pickles::: Ok,ok! Geesh...


Cold Opening: NBC News Special Report: Republicans Plan For The Future

Most of you probobly got to see this sketch from the begining,but my local STUPID affiliate ran a few seconds late with ever-exiting High school sports coverage.Thanks to the ridiculously slow closed captioning,I was able to read every word I missed,heh.

Anyway,this one was kinda boring the first time I watched it,but it was a little funnier the second time.The thought that this season is fast turning out to be like the 20th season has crossed my mind more than once,though,because this was a classic case of a good idea,a good start gone sour with a lousy ending.Sadly,this sketch gets a meager... Rating: GE


Opening Montage/Theme Song

This is ridiculous,yet interesting. The first show this year had a brand new,rather odd theme song,and no mention of the feature players.The second show,the SNL band played the short lived theme from last years first two shows,and they showed the feature players. This week,they play yet another retooled theme,which bears a small resemblance to a combination of the previous two weeks. Make up your minds and stick with one song,at least a year at a time guys. Guess they have a hard time staying stable without the master,G.E. Smith,at the reighns... Rating: GE CA


Monologue: Lucy Lawless Gets Hit On

Surely the best mono of the year, it's short,funny,but not too redundant.Enough fresh takes,but not too many,on the lesbian joke.Yes Sir? It's Ma'am...I saw Lenny and Earl cracking up to that one... Rating: GE C


Commercial #1: Shirt In A Can

This is a very good commercial,with enough little touches that you don't catch the first time around,making for repeat viewings. Some include disclaimers like "Do not apply to genitals" and "Avoid prolonged exposure" as well as the fact that it's only $139.99,available at every single store in the entire world. In the words on Tim Meadows, DAMN IT!!! It was deliciously cheesy like real commercials for these types of products,without the joke being dummy-obvious.I also liked how Tim smiled goofily during the announcer's speel,and was more than willing to take off his shirt..."It's burning my skin!" Rating: GE CAF


Sketch: Judge Judy Meets Judge Judy

You know,this sketch wore thin with the Dan Ackroyd (however it's spelled) episode,but this one shone with the surprise of the night...Judith Schindler,if I'm not mistaken,takes the mythical bench from the venerable Cheri Oteri and delivers her take on the whore clown. You might say her excuse for being a lousy actor was that it was unrehearsed,but we all know that it was...Rating: GE CA


CNN And Kraft Foods Present The History Of Presidential Scandals #1

Fairly funny,the joke seemed stupid,but funny. On it's own,it may have gotten a higher rating,but in the shadow of this show's other good sketches and the second installment of this bit,it only gets... Rating: GE C


Sketch: The White House In Crisis

Took a bit of time to get going,but it was needed to develop charactor,as much as a single sketch can build charactor.I thought I'd die in my seat when they were suddenly in their nighties,and how Ken Starr was "on every page of my slam book",and the call to Jordan was a classic moment in the SNL experience...a well thought out,well executed idea. Rating: GE CA


Cartoon: Saturday TV Funhouse-Fun With Real Audio

Where do I start? This is by far the edgiest cartoon since The School house rock last year.Anyone who has been following the whole debacle with Howard Stern futily trying to egg on Lorne into a mud slinging contest will appreciate this to no ends.There are literally too many funny moments to list,but the highlights were when he fed Robin a treat,the audience members getting so excited over a sketch that they shoot themselves,birth babies and spontaneously combust,and the kiss...this is the true definition of a sketch that is,in my words,"Perfect in every way.What more is there to say?" Rating: GE CAFE (Perfect Rating) Gets the FACEGOD Seal Of Approval: >:-D


Sketch: Stevie Nicks' Fajita Roundup

They got the audience started with the Judge Judy cameo,pleasured them further with the Presidential minute,worked them into a lather with White House in crisis,and

sent them into orgasmic bliss with the Cartoon,so I figured that's the reason anyone laughed at this,residual laughter from the the previous build up to a climatic blast that left them laughing no matter what fecses was thrown their way.It seems like every week so far this year,there's always one sketch that everyone else thinks is funny,but I don't get...first it was Cameron's monologue,the the KCF Shredders,now this.Whatever man,but it was a killer Stevie Nicks impression. Rating: GE


Sketch: The,How Do You Say,Ah Yes! Show

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry,I often see painfully short and/or stupid review summaries from some of the folks here,and there are times when a sketch deserves it.Nothing good,except that Horatio had more lines here than his previous shows and the rest of this one combined.Literally.I counted. Rating: GE The "E" For Horatio's presence...


CNN And Kraft Foods Present The History Of Presidential Scandals #2

Short funny friggin hilarious! "LBJ Was Known By His Mexican Whores as, El BJ." That's the only line,but it gets... Rating: GE CAF


Weekend Update With Colin Quinn And Chucky,The Murderous Doll

See last weeks review,WU is being done the way it should have always been done,and I couldn't be happier. Chucky sucks stuff I left behind me floating in the toilet,but hey,at least it was the real deal and not a cheap copy...:::Realizes that's actually a downside::: Never mind... Rating: GE C


Musical Guest Elliott Smith Performs...Uh,I Don't Know,I Kinda Wish I Hadn't Started Putting The Name Of The Song In The Title...

I don't rate on how I prefer the musician,which,by the way,this being my first time seeing,hearing or even knowing about him,and I hate him. A lot. But on a performance basis...it sucked.Jangly,noisy,and even though I've never heard the studio version (obviously),if it sounds like this,then I'll have to get Lorne to snipe whoever thought to sign this kid with a record,and then kill Marci Klein for signing them onto the show... Rating: G


Sketch: A&E Biography: Sean "Poofy" Combs

This is one of the few times a good sketch (See "Biography" with Tiger Woods) was followed up with one that was just as good. Gotta give it to whoever thought of highlighting Jennifer Lopez's fat ass and sticking some padding on Lucy there...

Rating: GE C


Sketch: Terrance Maddox Models For Art Class

As soon as I saw the setting,I knew my favorite charactor was making an encore.

But,it's more of an "Encore! Encore!",meaning that it died quickly.Sorry,but there weren't enough original jokes to keep it alive,and if they couldn't think of anything new,why didn't they at least bring back the best part of the first one,where he was the ball de jour that day in nam'? Rating: GE


Sketch: Goth Talk Goes To The Mall

A fairly good GT,finally on when it should be on,at the end of the show. The joke was definately showing how thick it's veil really was when the credit card joke was delivered,to no laughs.The replacement of the general "Wiseass" teen that the annoying Jim Bruer used to do by the better Horatio Sanz was obvious the minute he walked in,but his first line was good,Where's the Foot Locker? Will at the end was great too...overall, a Rating: GE


Sketch: The Kulps Perform The National Anthom

Standard Kulp fare,with nothing new except the background and the fact that they were apparently running short on time,the sketch was still going when the Lucy bumper went up... Rating: GE


Closing Montage/Ending Theme

To continue my statement from above,they only had time for 5 seconds,just enough time to thank Judy,Elliott Smith and Chucky (the latter two should've been chased out there before the show was over like so much Rage Against The Machine),and it was over.



The best show this year,only because of the cartoon. I should do something here though, when I sent in my Review for the Kelsey Grammer/Sheryl Crow/Shaquille O' Neal show, I reviewed the Maakies cartoon but forgot to include my rating,so,for the record,here is my Maakies review,as it should've appeared.


Cartoon: Maakies By Tony Millionaire

Better than last week's number,and interesting too.I still don't quite get the point of these cartoons,but for what it's worth,I think their money would better be spent paying Mike Judge to do some more "Office Space" cartoons with Milton for them. Remember those from the 1993-1994 season? Rating: GE


Overall Rating For The October 17th 1998 A.D. Episode Of "Saturday Night Live"

With Guest Host Lucy Lawless And Musical Guest elliott Smith,By GE Cafe,is: Rating: GE CA


All right,well,thank you for reading,thanks in advance to Sean for putting up mine and everyone else's episode reviews,amd until next week,remember that I AM UR FACEGOD PHEAR ME!!! >:-D

Episode Review written by GE Cafe

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