Lucy Lawless / Elliott Smith
October 17, 1998

[OPENING] NBC Special Report: Republicans Plans for the Future

This was really funny, in my opinion. My only problem with it was the length. It left Lucy hardly any time for her monologue.

Grade: B+


[MONOLOGUE] Lucy Lawless

Loved it. It was definetely funnier than Kelsey Grammer's monologue. But I think that Lucy is capable of being funny all by herself.

Grade: A-


[COMMERCIAL] Shirt in a Can

This commercial showed us the incredible talent of Tim Meadows. I don't know how much the rest of you enjoyed it, but it was just too much when he yelled out, "Dammit!"

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Judge Judy

This one was actually doing better before the real Judge Judy came in. And I think Judge Judy meant to say Defendant instead of Plantiff.

Grade: B


[MISCELLANEOUS] History of Presidential Scandals

Not funny. Period.

Grade: F


[SKETCH] White House in Crisis

I believe this is the sketch where the news report turns into a slumber party. And while this idea started out funny, it flopped in the end.

Grade: C


[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun With Real Audio: Saturday Howard Night Stern Live

It's Fun with Real Audio. 'Nuff said.

Grade: A


[COMMERCIAL] Stevie Nicks Fajita Roundup

I only liked certain aspects of this commercial. And I didn't like those very much,

Grade: D-


[SKETCH] The, How do you say, Ah Yes! Show

This was dumb. I turned it off.

Grade: F


[MISCELLANEOUS] History of Presidential Scandals

Missed it.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

I think the absence of Chuckie would've made this better. After all, how funny can a murderous doll be?

Grade: B-


[MUSICAL GUEST] Elliott Smith

I'm not going to bother.


[SKETCH] A&E's Biography on Puff Daddy

While Tim Meadows was wonderful as Puff Daddy, Darrell Hammond overdid it as the host.

Grade: A-


[SKETCH] Terrance Maddox models for art class

Turned it off

Grade: F


[SKETCH] Goth Talk goes to the mall

Weird. But it also humorous how everyone keeps looking for Foot Locker.

Grade: C+


[SKETCH] The Kulps at the World Series

Missed it.


I thought that Lucy made a less than perfect host. But she did very good when she had to play haunting roles. (Stevie Nicks and Shop Owner) This episode wasn't as funny as when Kelsey Grammer was host.

Overall Grade: B-

Episode Review written by Brian

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