Jennifer Love Hewitt / Beastie Boys
November 21, 1998

i loved it!!


(opening)-well done, it kick ass John Goodman makes a great L. Tripp.


(monologue)-good-Hewitt can really sing


(ladies man) the scardy wang thing was fucking hilarious


(celine dion)okay, the rap shit was cool


(how u say? ah yes...)10/10 FUCKING great absolutely would make the best of snl video. The part where he said "I see you brought you're friends" and pointed to Love's cheast(a fuking nice cheast too) was hilarious


(spartans hospital) kool, the perfect cheer rocked




(update) :)


(musical) BEASTIE BOYS YEA!!!(3 mc's and 1 DJ)


(happen) good


(music) ONCE AGAIN YEA!!! (notice how ADROCK doesn't change his finger position on the guitar the WHOLE song through)


(sadam sketch)NICE-WILL ferrel always funny!

Episode Review written by Paul Korycki

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