Jennifer Love Hewitt / Beastie Boys
November 21, 1998

[OPENING] Lewinsky and Tripp chat on phone ­ An absolutely great opening. John Goodman must really love playing Linda Tripp as he does this uncredited. Had me rolling on the floor when he started eating the whipped cream out of the can and then told monica he was eating a salad. Grade: A+


[MONOLOGUE] Jennifer Love Hewitt ­ She is hot, hot, hot!!! Cool that ben Willis showed up. I was expecting someone from PO5. Grade B+


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man ­ hard to believe but I didn't really get the ladies Man today. Why wasn't jennifer included in the scene. Isn't the guest supposed to be in the skits? Tim was great as usual but this could have been much better for a first skit. Grade:C


[SKETCH] Celine Dion's new album ­ Ana is great at this character. I love it when they make such nasty fun of celebrities. Ganz was good as Meat Loaf. Grade:B


[SKETCH] The How You Say? Ah Yes, Show with Antonio Banderas ­ Another great job of skewering a celebrity. I love when he addresses her breasts as people. Chris is great as banderas even though he looks nothing like him. Grade:B+


[SKETCH] The Spartans at the hospital ­ Their first appearance of the year. Good premise having Alexis give birth. Decent cheers (they've had long enough to come up with them). Good line by Ferrell after he sees Alexis' pussy-"I've only seen two of those" Good to have the Spartans back. Grade:B+


[TV FUNHOUSE] Ambiguously Gay Duo (Ace and Gary answer fan mail): Funny, but you don't realize you mis these guys until they ppop up. The you wish they had their own series because this stuff is hysterical. Grade:A-


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn- no sidekicks, the jokes are really bad and he knows it. Grade:D


[MUSICAL GUEST] Beastie Boys ­ quote me on this ­ "JEWS SHOULD NOT BE RAPPERS" -- I saw these guys about ten years ago as the opening band for Madonna and they were a curiosity at the time since they were really the only white rap artists. They sucked then!! I can't believe they are still around. Do people really buy this crap. Grade:D-


[SKETCH] MKG goes for Miss Clean Teen ­ another fisrt appearance of the year for good old Miss Gallagher. Molly did not disappoint. All the classi stuff was thrown in. Is anyone wondering what happened to Jennifer Love Hewitt or has she basically become one of the supporting cast. I don't recall a guest adding so little to the festivities. Grade:A-


[SKETCH] Let's Make it Happen ­ not funny. Having a bear attack the Olsen twins was topical five years ago. Lorne should know better than to appear at 12:45. Grade:D


[MUSICAL GUEST] Beastie Boys-If possible, this song might have been worse than the first one. Why did these losers get two songs. Grade:F


[SKETCH] Saddam and his pals ­ not a great sketch by itself but considering it appeared at 12:55 it was a more than welcome treat. Like last week's Airport Chat, it seems that a trend is developing where the writers actually try to do something funny at the end of the show. Grade B+


Overall: not much new stuff this week as the writers chose to bring out old favorites The Spartans, Mary Katherine, Leon Phelps, Ambiguosly gay duo, even Celine Dion has been done before. Jennifer love hewitt is still hot but she did nothing to make herself stand out. The writers didn;lt give her much to work with. Musical guest really sucked!! Colin as usual was a disaster on WU. Grade:C

Episode Review written by Marc Persily

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