Jennifer Love Hewitt / Beastie Boys
November 21, 1998

[OPENING] Lewinsky and Tripp chat on phone

Great opener. Man, John Goodman might as well be considered a featured player with the number of appearances he has nowadays. They did a good job usng old jokes (the food, the characters) and making them seem fresh and funny. Also, anyone ntoice on the real Lewinsky/Tripp tapes how much Monica Lewinsky sounds like Molly Shannon's impression of her? A


[MONOLOGUE] Jennifer Love Hewitt

Never seen either "...Summer" movie, though it still made me laugh. B+


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

Always a winner. You have to love how he gives thanks to his "wang". There may've been a lot of recurring characters on ths show, but hey, go with what works. A


[SKETCH] Celine Dion's new album

Loved the impressions. I'd almost say the last one (with Mariah, Shania, etc.) was funnier IMO, but it still worked. Good call with the Busta Rhymes duet. A-


[SKETCH] The How You Say? Ah Yes, Show with Antonio Banderas

OK, I've never seen this one before (I guess it's aired a few times), but wow, this was hilarious! Chris Kattan just was in the zone, and the band members in the background were surprisingly funny. But I must... A+


[SKETCH] The Spartans at the hospital

Really good, actually. Some may not really like 'em now, but those chants are quite creative. Nice cameo by the member of the Beastie Boys. I was expecting the baby to be dressed in a Spartan cheerleader outfit. A-


[TV FUNHOUSE] Ambiguously Gay Duo (Ace and Gary answer fan mail)

Just when I thought this show couldn't get any funnier, on comes the Ambiguously Gay Duo. Sick as always (in a fun way, of course), I was hoping for a a regular action flick rather than fan mail, though. No problemo, however. A-


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Two weeks in a row of good Colin Quinn, I'd like to believe he's finally found his groove. Missed the last few stories 'cos someone called the room. A


[MUSICAL GUEST] Beastie Boys

Ahh, yes, old school rap, big in the late '90's. I may not be a fan, but 3 MC's and a DJ, it's all good. A-


[SKETCH] MKG goes for Miss Clean Teen

This is probably the one recurring sketch I could do without, but it does provide a good laugh anytime. You could completely tell what kind of character Jennifer Love Hewitt was going to play before she even came on (the perky perfect teen). I thought her lines deserved a few more laughs, though. Oh, try imagining the host of this show in say, 1985. You can just see the rolled up pastel jacket, the skinny necktie. At least the teens were wearing the 80's miniskirts. B+


[SKETCH] Let's Make it Happen

A little funnier than a late sketch normally is this late. Once again, JLH was, for no apparent reason, not getting the laughs from the audience. I thought her lines were about as funny as Will's. Absolutely loved the combos - totally random. B


[MUSICAL GUEST] Beastie Boys

OK, I don't think the Beaties have any promotional tie-ins to NBC, so here's hoping the 2-performance nights are back to stay. Good call brining back the costumes from the "Sabotage" video for this one. A-


[SKETCH] Saddam and his pals

Hmm, Saddam Hussein's a Tennessee fan (one of my friends at college is going to like that). Good concept, seen it before (not the sketch, but the comic idea), thankfully it didn't dud. B+


A killer night for SNL. Great sketches (more Antonio Banderas, though not to saturation), and I'm sure the ratings were up partially from all the male viewership for Jennifer Love Hewitt (you shoulda heard some of the comments from the guys in my room during the show). All in all, quite satisfying. A-

Episode Review written by Lukas Hoffland

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