Jennifer Love Hewitt / Beastie Boys
November 21, 1998

Overview - Jennifer is the fourth female host this season, unlike last season which had five hosts, total. They seem to be throwing women at us like never before. Anyhoo, I don't normally watch Party of Five, but I did this week and I was impressed. The Beastie Boys are okay.


Linda and Monica - They might as well make John Goodman a cast member! It's like that season Jon Lovitz kept hanging around the set even after he left. The attention was more on Linda eating, using the facilities, etc., than the conversation, which slowed this thing down. C


Monologue - Bringing in Muse Watson was a brilliant stroke. It's funny watching these two at each other's throats in I (Still) Know What You Did Last Summer, and then singing love songs here. Could have had better writing. B-


The Ladies Man - Skanksgiving? :) (We also would have accepted Spanksgiving.) That alphabetical list of partners was entertaining. First of all, it wasn't really alphabetical, plus I saw Dolly Parton and Ginger Spice in there. B-


Celine Dion - This ran a bit long with the same joke. The impressions were high quality, especially Horatio as Meatloaf. C-


How do you say? Ah Yes! show - Like the last time this was broadcast, I only like one joke from this. (Melanie Griffith is old and not here.) This had better effort, but not much overall improvement. D+


Spartans - I was sad to hear this will probably be their swan song. Putting them in the maternity ward was the perfect sendoff. Good to finally see what Alexis looks like. Who was the boyfriend? B+


Ambiguously Gay Duo - I'm not a gay basher, but I love gay euphemisms! This cartoon has them aplenty. A


Weekend Update - No commentator? This was sub-par, but for Colin, sub-par is a B+.


Beastie Boys - Not their best song. C


Mary Catherine Gallagher - Another pageant? It has been done to death with MCG. However, Horatio played a good dork, and Cheri flipping off the judges was cool. Can you say overacting? Great anyhoo. A


Let's make this Happen - One thing SNL does that never sucks is fake game shows, including the classics, Stand-Up and Win and Who's More Grizzled. Good to bring in Lorne as the hot-shot producer. B


Beastie Boys - Come on, boys, you can do better. C


Saddam Hussein - This is an overused premise, but having Saddam Hussein in that position was classic! A-


Overall - Amazing how a show can have some good sketches but still come off as pretty half-assed. It's like the Toronto Blue Jays. They've got a lot of the best players in the game at what they do, and they still miss the playoffs. This episode would miss the playoffs, too. C

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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