Jennifer Love Hewitt / Beastie Boys
November 21, 1998

Phone conversation - **** (out of 4)

The first sketch was tasteless and offensive, the way all Monica Lewinsky sketches should be. I might add that John Goodman (one of my favorite actors) plays the best Linda Tripp on TV.


The monologue had the old fashioned show tune groove to it, and it was clever bringing out Ben Willis. I gave it ***.


Ladies' Man - ****

Thank god for the Ladies Man. Tim Meadows is the man, and I'm wondering if it won't be long before NBC airs "the best of Tim Meadows" in an off week. That was one of the better episodes of the Ladies' Man, with his long list of conquests at the end.


Celine Dion - **

The next sketch was the Celine Dion record ad, which was cool especially since I hate that bitch. My favorite musician impression in that sketch was Horatio Sanz'z Meatloaf. It seemed towards the end that the sketch started to run out of gas, almost as if Mr. Herhily's writers threw it together at the last minute.


The How do you say, Ah yes Show - ***

Right out that one, comes Antonio Banderes. This is Chris Kataan's funnier material, and the only complaint I had was what happened to the Senor Guadelupe played by Horatio Sanz. They had a different guy playing tht part, I couldn't tel if it was Parnell or Fallon. (Granted it might had been because he was in the previous sketch, but he IS Senor Guadelupe). Anyway, I hope they do this one more often.


Spartans in the Delivery Room - ***

Now, here we go. I absolutely hate those cheerleaders after three some years. I was moaning when it started. But behold, it wasn't that bad. I really got into it after the Alexis character's boyfriend walked in, and it was none other than the King AD-ROCK. And then they all danced to "Who my baby daddy" which tripped me out. It impressed me so much, I had to go get a beer. It turns out you can "teach a dog new tricks" or in this case some good writing can fix up a washed up sketch. Just give those stupid spartans something funny to say and I'll watch.


TV Funhouse - ***

Too bad we didn't get to see a new actual adventure of Ace and Gary, but the viewer mail thing was hilarious with all the inmates sending letters to the Ambiguously gay duo. I suppose either Rob Smigel is either been too busy on "Late Night" or he's saving some toon adventures for the second half.


Weekend Update - **1/2

I like Colin Quinn as a film actor and as a stand-up comedian. It seems though that the burden of anchorman might be wearing him down. He just does the news like a stand-up. In fact he looks more comfortable when he does stand up to do the intro. Where's Norm when you need him. Keep trying Quinn. Maybe he should do "Sing Along with Colin" for old times sake.


Beasties, "3 MCs and One DJ" - ****

Classic old school beats. Mix Master Mike is a badass. I was waiting all night to see this. (I got worried for a while until later in the show, because I was hoping that wasn't their only song.)


Clean Teen - ****

Crazy Mary Katherine Gallagher does it again. The lovely Ms. Molly Shannon pulls it off again playing one of her many psychotic characters in her arsenal. She destroyed the whole set in just a matter of seconds, it would have made Chris Farley proud.


Let's make it happen - ***

I dig this sketch. It made fun of Hollywood, and Will Farrell played the part as good as one of those real NBC bigshots that put together all of the crappy prime time shows on the air now. Lorne Michaels was a good sport, too. They should do more fictional game show sketchs like this, rather than parodies of existing ones. Originality equals longevity.


Beastie Boys, "Sabotage" - ****

This was a pleasant surprise. This should be included on the big anniversary show. The Beasties even dressed up in their cop costumes too. Even though I menntioned him before, I have to admit if Farley was alive, he would have said, "That was awesome."


Saddam and the UN inspectors - ***1/2

This was probably the most clever sketches of the night. "What's this over here, look it's C & C Music Factory!" It might had been even better if they had done this sketch earlier in the show (after the monologue is where I would have put it since everyone except Parnell weren't in the first sketch.)


All in all, this show was probably one of the best all season, thanks to very funny writing and a superb musical guest. Metheusela's review averages out to 3.3 OUT OF 4 STARS.

Episode Review written by James Michael Compton

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