Jennifer Love Hewitt / Beastie Boys
November 21, 1998


Jennifer Love Hewitt is a funny girl and I was expecting more than the Sarah Michelle Gellar episode. This was one episode I was expecting to be good. The Beastie Boys are crazy, so is Don Ohlenmayer for firing Norm...


Linda Tripp/Monica Lewinsky phone call:

Enough with the political openers and god dammit. GET A NIGHT JOB JOHN GOODMAN! He may as well join the cast. Otherwise, a hilarious skit. Monica being thin was hilarious, and Linda scarfing down pizza and blabbing about watching her weight, were hilarious.



Monolauge with Jennifer Love Hewitt:

Hilarious! I kept thinking that JLH was talking about Neve Campbell being her rival, but it was the IKWYDLS killer. The song was funny and the "... Eleven times", cracked me up.



A Ladies Man "Skanksgiving":

My man Leon! When he put the pilgram hat on, I knew this was going to be good. The disease references were cool and funny, well his phone reply's were great.



Celine Dion's new duet album advertisement:

It was very funny, though I am Canadian and all the "eh's" pissed the hell out of me. Sanz's 'Meatloaf' is good and Gasteyer is OK as Dion. I hate Celene Dion, so don't let the Canadianship fool you.



The How Do You Say? Ahhh! Yes! Show:

Kind of boring. The band was the funniest part, especially there resistance to see Banderes's stomach. Brings the show down a little.



The Spartans motivate Hospital patients:

AMAZING! Jennifer Love Hewitt is a good Spartan, and Cheri Oteri is so goood, as is Will Ferrell. This is the best skit so far. When the daddy came on, I laughed like f*****g hell.



I gotta go, but the Mary Catherine Gallagher sketch was an A and the show was a B+

Episode Review written by Chigger

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