Jennifer Love Hewitt / Beastie Boys
November 21, 1998

Well, lets just say I'm happy that there's gonna be a clip show next week. I mean, this episode was funny enough, just not as funny as most. I'm really starting to have some doubts about this season. With the exception of the, well, above average Lucy Lawless episode, this season has been pretty lame. I'm not sure who/s after the next episode, but lets hope they can do better than Spade and Stiller.


Monica and Linda on the Phone: This was pretty funny. I'm starting to wonder why John Goodman has made so many guest appearances this season. Luckily, they're all for the better.......B+


Monologue: This was good. Clever also. It got less funny when they started singing, mainly because I sang that song in my first grade production of Snow White. And believe me, if my play was funny, it wasn't funny where it wass supposed to be.........B


Ladies Man: Finally!! Well, I guess it hasn't been too long since the last skit. But these are always pretty good. It's the first time I saw an actual lady call the show......B+


Celine Dion's New Album: These skits are ok. It is funny how she repeatedly insinuates her, shall we say, talent?........B+


Ah Yes, The Show: This skit got annoying after the first time. ESPECIALLY the shirt bit....C-


Candystriper Spartans: Very good. I especially liked Adrock's cameo, since the Beasties are one of my favorite bands........A


AGD: Fanmail: These have always been funny, but they're getting sort of old now. i didn't pay too much attention.........C+


WKUP: I think Colin Quinn has now surpassed Norm MacDonald in amount of laughs from audience, assuming he didn't on his first show. Nothing against Norm, but Colin must have something he doesn't. Oohhhhhh, maybeeeee, delivery?........A


Beastie Boys: Great. The Beasties are a highlight of any show, and it's an awesome song......A+


Miss Clean America: Mary Catherine is getting a little old, but the rest of the cast was great. They better think something up for that Mary Catherine movie coming out......B


Lets Make It Happen: This was good. Really good. Will was just funny holding the Diet Coke........A+


Beastie Boys: Even better. It was great how they dressed from the actual video. One of my favorite songs........A+


Saddam and His Pals: This was my favorite skit of the night. Particularly the part with the diary.........A+


Overall, an ok show. The Beastie Boys were great. the rest was ok. Just ok. I'll talk to you all next week. See ya!

Episode Review written by Bluejean44

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