Kelsey Grammer / Sheryl Crow
October 3, 1998

READERS WARNING: This episode of SNL sucked, in my humble opinion, so if you are in love with these "not ready for public access players" beware! Just as I was actually beginning to like this version of SNL they pulled this pile of human excreament out of they're butts.



Opening: Bedtime at the White House: This skit almost put me to bed! I must admitt, the idea was good and it had potential. But considering the talents of Gasteyer and Darrell (the best castmembers), it was disappointing, but better than what followed. Grade: C.


Monologue: The SNL writers, if you wanna call them that, need to improve on this important moment in the show. This was a lame attempt of satirizing Frasier's theme song. Probably the most boring and pointless monos in the show's history. Grade: D.


KCF Shredders: Huh? This was more lame than a Rodney Dangerfield suit, which at least was funny. This is the kind of pathetic commercial spoof you would expect to see on one of those mildly retarded "kiddy sketch shows on Nick". Grade: F.


Delicious Dish: An actual NPR show is more fun to listen too. Grade: D.


Terry Ferguson, he lost his amatomy in a fire.": This was the best skit of the night and the only semi-brilliant moment on the show. It was actually a good, well wriiten phoney commercial commenting on this sad and morally bankrupt time in U.S. political history. It's time for SNL to do more pre-taped skits, they seem to go over well. This cast isn't good enough to do 80% live material. Grade: B+


Shaq isn't too big for daddy: All I have to say is that Shaq is about as one dimentional of an actor as he is a basketball player. It's amazing how pathetic he looks when he isn't slam dunking a basketball. Also, Tracey Morgan seemed to enjoy the spankings. Grade: D.


Terry Fergueson Part 2.: Not as funny or witty as the first one. Once is enough. Grade: B-.


Naked City: Rick Stone wants a Burrito: What was the point of this?

Grade: F.


Hose them down: This poorly executed sketch reminds me of the work done in 1994-95. It was redundent and as flat as Hillary CLinton's , well you know... Grade: F.


The best of Horatio Sanz: They shouldn't make fun of Horatio. He seems to be the only castmember with real potential, that is if he gets more air time. It's good to see SNL is orginal with it's ideas from week to week (NOT). They should, however, make fun of former no name castmemebers. For instance, do a 'Best of Ann Risley or Best of Charles Rocket." next week. That would be funny. Grade: C-.


WEEKEND UPDATE: Actually, considering the lack of talent, Colin does fairly well. I like him, although I don't think he should be anchor much longer. Some good jokes, but still kind of flat. They need Don Pardo to do the traditional announcing for this segment. Imagine the kind of Jokes Dennis Miller would be cracking if he was still anchoring SNL News? Grade: C.


Sheryl Crow: N/R.


Mr. Peepers: GIve it a rest. This skit was funny once, amusing twice, and vomit provoking thrice! Kattan does a good job with that apple thing he does, but this skit was just ho-hum. Grade: a generous C-.


Maakies: Get rid of this garbage: Grade: D.


Morning Latte: Too long and too boring. Shaq can't act and Wil and Cheri are annoying in this role. (I'm sure they are supposed to be for this skit) I hate this sketch with a passion. The only good one was from 1995 when David Alan Grier hosted and ended up getting be-headed by Will Ferrell. Grade: D.


Hello Dolly: I guess this was a good parody of those left of gay QVC shows, but this was too boring for me. Grade: C.


ESPN2 Lumberjack: It's amazing how that thespian Kelsey Grammar screwed up his lines. That was actually a good commentary on the quality of this episode. I did not like the way the Lord's name was thrown around, however. They might need his divine assistance to produce better shows. Grade: D.


DUMM DA DUMM DUM! This show rates a big fat D, barely. I must say, this was one of the most uninspiring and putrid programs SNL has ever had. Also, what was Shaq doing here? I guess he needed the work with the NBA lockout and all. I guess they worked too hard on the first show (which was average) to produce anything of substance. This show should be banned on reruns. All in all, the Malcom McDowell show from 1980-81 was really better than this garbage.


Episode Review written by Maddog

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