Kelsey Grammer / Sheryl Crow
October 3, 1998


Not a strong sketch for the opener, especially for a Clinton sketch. The best part was The Weather Channel using the term "blowing" in reference to Monica. I'm glad it was kinda short.



Kudos! Back to less frantic theme music and the featured players got their due, even if they were nowhere to be seen this show!



Kelsey singing "nixed Frasier themes" was just NOT FUNNY and NOT ENTERTAINING. This went NO-where!



Compared to the decent spoofs we saw last week, this one SUCKED!



I am bored with these two and their "guests". I liked the "acid" bit, but doesn't this sketch make you sleepy? One high point- my roommate's name is Carl!



A funny premise but kind of a creepy thought, especially for a male viewer. That eyebrow-less Will Ferrell was givin' me the willies!



Best sketch of the show. This one made me laugh. I like physical humor and seeing Shaq draped over Tracy was pretty comical but I didn't like the way this sketch ended. Better idea yet, Cheri Oteri shoulda joined in as the spankin' ma, isn't she like 5'2''? Oh, but wait- she's white. Never mind!



NO impact the second time around. They shoulda left it with just the first one.



This sketch was a total waste of time, writing and Kelsey. How the hell did this piece of nothing make the first half of the show? The audience even applauded prematurely cuz they were all thinking "PLEEZ end this excuse for sketch comedy already!"



GEEZ! two HUGE DUDS in a row- in the first half of the show! I can't help but feel sorry for hosts when they get crap like this! I remember Kelsey got similar crap the first time he hosted (remember 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?) All I noted in this sketch was all that dead silence from the audience!



A recycled premise from last week's show, not that good this time



Colin's intro was too long and not top notch. I can't believe we're still hearing O.J. jokes. The Tiger Woods and Gotti, Jr. jokes were highlights and Kelsey's Tropical Storm George was, eh, Ok.



Her new hit is pretty lazy sounding and doesn't represent Sheryl at her best



I thought they killed him off during the Claire Danes show almost a year ago??!! They've run this into the ground! I wish they would have kinda showed Peepers actually "PEEING". I hope Peepers has humped for the last time!



What! No TV Funhouse? We get a second week of this inane crap? I didn't get either one, so far. NO LAUGHS LAST WEEK-NO LAUGHS THIS WEEK! Lorne, smarten up! Get this offa your show!!



This shoulda been on earlier in the show even as annoying as Tom & Cass have become. The highlight of this sketch has always been the "You Stupid BITCH!" line which they didn't even use this time!



This one took a while to start getting laughs. The premise was funny having an ex-con and spurned ex-wife with a deranged obsession for the little dolls they sell on cable. It was better than most of the other sketches.



Kelsey screwing up his lines was funnier than most of his earlier sketches. This didn't get funny until Kattan showed up as the last place Jewish Lumberjack!



In the end, I was thoroughly disappointed with this show. I thought the writing was extremely weak this week- I'd hate to see the sketches that got CUT! WHERE THE HECK WAS TIM MEADOWS THIS WEEK? Did Shaq scare him away? Actually, Kelsey should have stayed home and Shaq should have hosted the whole show! A real letdown after the season premiere. Also, how about trying out some FRESH characters as possible recurrents? I'll write this one off as post-season premiere slump (Remember prior second-show-of-the-season shows with Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry? Those were hardly top material shows-they didn't even repeat those! Ahh, I still luv ya SNL but you can do better than this!

Episode Review written by John Farkas

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