Kelsey Grammer / Sheryl Crow
October 3, 1998

[OPENING] Bedtime at the White House- not very funny except the part when Clinton turned on the TV and everything was about the scandal: C+


[MONOLOGUE] Kelsey Grammer-Boring, but some of the songs were kind of funny. B-


[COMMERCIAL] KCF Shredders-i hated it except the part about the How Stella Got Her Groove Back action figures B-


[SKETCH] The Delicious Dish-This one was kind of boring as well B-


[COMMERCIAL] Terry Ferguson for Senate-not very good B-


[SKETCH] Big Bernard isn't too big for daddy-i really didn't like this one C


[COMMERCIAL] Terry Ferguson for Senate-still not very good B-


[SKETCH] Rick Stone wants a burrito-this was mildly ok B-


[SKETCH] Hose them down!-see above B-


[COMMERCIAL] The Best of Horatio Sanz-This wasn't as good as the first time mainly because it had alrready been done, if they do something like this one more time im going to give it an F but this one gets a B+


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn-The part with Tropical Strom Georges was ok but I fell asleep during it because Colin Quinn was boring the hell out of me C


[MUSICAL GUEST] Sheryl Crow-Asleep


[SKETCH] Mr. Peepers goes to London-asleep


[MAAKIES] by Tony Millionaire-asleep


[SKETCH] Morning Latte-asleep


[SKETCH] Hello Dolly-asleep


[SKETCH] ESPN2 Lumberjack Classic coverage-asleep

Episode Review written by Brodie

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