Kelsey Grammer / Sheryl Crow
October 3, 1998

[OPENING] Bedtime at the White House

This is just too much. I loved this. Who doesn't like Hammond's impression of Bill?

Grade: A+


[MONOLOGUE] Kelsey Grammar

I'm glad Kelsey didn't have to rely on any other cast members to be funny. Surprisingly, Kelsey can actually sing.

Grade: B+



Missed it.


[SKETCH] The Delicious Dish

Very, very funny. Probably my favorite one yet. "Let's talk about GORP."

Grade: A+ 


[COMMERCIAL] Terry Ferguson for Senate

Definetely a good idea. Only Will could've pulled this off.

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Big Bernard isn't too big for daddy

The laughs don't seem to stop in this episode....yet. Surprisingly, Shaq did a good son.

Grade: A 


[COMMERCIAL] Terry Ferguson for Senate

Did they have to repeat this commercial? I wish they would've left me with the good impression I got from the first one.

Grade: C 


[SKETCH] Rick Stone wants a burrito

Oh boy. I can't believe that I was actually laughing when he said burrito.

Grade: B- 


[SKETCH] Hose them down!

Dumb and pointless. Most of all, not funny.

Grade: F


[COMMERCIAL] The Best of Horatio Sanz

Surprisingly funny. It was hilarious when the announcer said, "May contain scenes from The Best of Dan Akyroyd."

Grade: B- 


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

The high point was Kelsey Grammer as Hurricane Georges. That's too bad.

Grade: C



I don't care.


[SKETCH] Mr. Peepers goes to London

Not as good as the other Mr. Peepers sketches.

Grade: B-


 [MAAKIES] by Tony Millionaire

Missed it.


[SKETCH] Morning Latte

The sexual harassment jokes actually kept me laughing. Chris was good, and Shaq was the opposite.

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Hello Dolly

Just as sickeningly sweet as those people who actually sell the dolls.

Grade: B 


[SKETCH] ESPN2 Lumberjack Classic coverage

Quit hogging all the Jesus! Grammer's mistake was worth a laugh.

Grade: A-



Surprisingly enough, everything except for one sketch got a C or above. Hopefully, we'll see Morning Latte back soon, and hopefully Weekend Update will improve.

Episode Review written by Brian

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