John Goodman / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
April 10, 1999

Clinton lies:
Scenario : Clinton lies.
On a night with no real recurring sketches, the writers show what they can do with a week off. Not much. Score 1. Give Clinton a rest for a while or ship him off to make "The Clinton Movie," already.


The monologue :
Scenario : This is a rerun right? John Gooman and Tom Petty from 1991?
The-how-many-times-have-you-hosted bit works as well for Goodman as it does for Hanks, Martin, and Baldwin. Score : 8.


Night School : Slow Times At Ridgemont High.
Scenario : Goodman/Belushi is the class clown in Adult literacy, with the we have no idea how to end it crawl.
John Goodman's attempt to ruin every Belushi character continues. Not only was the sketch a tired premise for this early in the show, they saved the set from Chris Kattan's debut as Suel Forrester. SNL's deficit shows. Are we sure this ain't a rerun? Score: 4.


Shaun Mondavi Wines:
Scenario: Winery stepson and convicted felon Will Ferrel sells bad wine, in 2 liter bottles, no less.
Since we can expect the NBC Fall Schedule to suck, we're preparing material for SNL Goes commercial 3. Nice to see that when removed from the Spartan Spirits sketches, Will Ferrel actually can act. Score: 7.


CNN Newsstand :
Scenario: CNN's news shows steal from Cat Fancy, Bear, and Hilights for Children.
John Goodman in coveralls to impress the fetish market. And the writers mention Goofus and Gallant for the first time in a few shows. A few months late, but nice execution, and the weekly reminder that the writers love porn. Score: 7.


Wrap it Up:
Scenario: Crappy wrapping from my "special" son Bobby. Goodman beats up customers while Chris Kattan visualises everything as a cartoon ice pop.
I smell recurring character! Idiotic but just silly enough to enjoy. Score : 8.


Doll Clearance:
Pretentious Home Shopping with Ugly dolls, and creepy abusive hosts.
Scenario: Making fun of the crap advertized in 300 cardboard ripout pages of TV Guide a week is always fun. For the 10% of us over SNL's prime 14-15 year old boy demographic. Score : 9


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn:
Jokes at the expense of Quayle, Art Garfunkel, and Cher. Nice cruel and better than Norm ever wrote, with only one Clinton intern joke. Of the 15 jokes, 11 hit their targets well. BUt MIller used to get like 50 out per week? Colin's solo score : 8


Weekend Update interuptions
Tracey Morgan : FUBU - "for us by us" acronymed clothing. Cute bit, slight flub in the cue cards but unlike other WU bits. knows when to end. Score : 8
Prescription Drugs with Collete Reardon: Lame, long, less than one joke. Didnt we have Cheri do this as a full sketch a while back? Memo to Cheri : Quit now and work on that Golden Girls sitcom remake we know you're working on. Score : 2.


Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers :
Real rock every so often makes up for having to sit through All Saints and all the other teen beat pseudo-musicians. CRANK IT UP! Score : 10. 2 great songs. Here's hoping SNl can get Both Dylan and Paul Simon for the same show this fall.


Santa and the Little Woman:
Scenario: Goodman as Santa, Molly as the little woman get into a fight during "the rest of the year."
Great to destroy childhood institutions, and Snl does it better than MAD. Score: 8


Happy Smile Partol :
Scenario: Teletubbies lite repeatedly interupted by News 4, special reports of one stars alleged suicide, another detained for herion smuggling and murder, and militant . Should have been on much earlier in the show. Score : 10.


VH1 : Behind the music - Bun E. Carlos
Scenario: Horatio Sanz does a decent imitation. Neat little hit & git. Better than any MTV FANatic sketch they might have had planned. Score : 8


Whore House:
Goodman waits to check out of a brothel, as his events of the evening are itemized for the computer database.
As the last joke of the night, not bad. better than Bill Brasky sketch #30 Score : 7.


All in all a decent night. Great music, only a couple stinkers the show needs to re-evaluate. Cheri & Clinton drag the swhow way down for a mathematical average of about 6.8 But still 7 out of ten is pretty damn good anymore.

Episode Review written by Tom Heald
Crank@large for Tvbarn.com

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