John Goodman / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
April 10, 1999

BEFORE WATCHING: i read that there weren't going to be any reocurring sketches, which i really love, so i was kinda uneasy about this one. I do like tom petty & the heartbreakers though, so i figured i'd see.


[OPENING] Clinton goes back to lying
sorta funny. nothing too hilarious, but not dull either. i'm sick of clinton sketches though... can't they come up w/ anything else?


[MONOLOGUE] John Goodman
hilarious! who cares if there really was a show w/ them before? the audience members and jimmy fallon were very funny.


[SKETCH] Adult Literacy Program
sorta funny, but nothing more than a few smiles.


[COMMERCIAL] Shawn Mondavi Vineyards
Funny, loved all the sounds Will made after each sip. sure, the father was cruel... but who cares? it was still pretty funny. (best line:"Whether you're having steak 'ems or tacos, you'll want a 2 liter mountain dew bottle filled w/ Shawn Mondani's redish-style wine drink." *vomit*)


Not really funny.... the Highlights & Cat Fancy things made me giggle a little.


[SKETCH] Wrap It Up
loved this!! i don't care what you other reviewers said, i loved Kattan's popsicle thoughts, they were hilarious. this was definantely my favorite sketch of the night.


[SKETCH] Hello Dolly
Pretty funny - John was great, and loved "poopsie daisey".


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
great!! this was one of my favorite updates this year (right up there w/ david spade's & bill murry's episodes). Tracey was hilarious, even though he messed up a couple times. (best line: "Timberland boots are "D'FRYCKBWEBEN - designed for yuppie rock climbers, but worn exclusively by Negroes"). Colin was really good and really funny (best joke was the brittney spears joke!). Cheri wasn't as funny as the rest of the show, but since Colin and Tracey were great, I'll give it a high score.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Love Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, always have.


[SKETCH] Santa gets drunk
not too funny. the elves on their knees were sorta funny, but other than that i didn't laugh too much.


[SKETCH] Happy Smile Patrol
Very funny, they were all so hilarious. sorta creepy though! they interupted a few too many times though. (best line: "happy smile patrol will not be seen tomorrow").


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 Behind the Music: Bun E. Carlos
not at all funny to me... even though these parodies are a lot like the real VH1 ads, they just aren't funny.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
loved 'em again, but i usually do like the music guests...


[SKETCH] Whorehouse's data entry
Not funny.... why didn't they just let him pay? it dragged on way too long and had barely any laughs (from me, anyway.)


OVERALL: I have seen a couple of John Goodman's episodes in the past, and this one was funny sometimes. certain sketches were hilarious, but some were just boring. (overall score: C+)

Episode Review written by Rachel

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