John Goodman / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
April 10, 1999

[OPENING] Clinton goes back to lying- These Clinton sketches are so
predictable now and enough with the thumb and lip thing already! 6/10


[MONOLOGUE] John Goodman- Lame. Where are the original monologue
ideas? I love it when they go back stage (Nathan Lane and Roma Downey
were hilarious!) How many audience monologues have been done this
year? Too many...the joke is old. 5/10


[SKETCH] Adult Literacy Program- John Goodman gets too into the skits
that they just turn out so not funny. Making his lips move with his
fingers got old after the first time. Chris Parnell and Tim Meadows
saved it. 5/10


[COMMERCIAL] Shaun Mondavi Vineyards- I adore Will Ferrell and the
sounds he made after drinking his own wine kept me laughing into today!
But then it just got weird on us. 7/10


[COMMERCIAL] CNN Newsstand- Easily the best sketch of the night! My
bro and I were just talking about how funny it was, especially since we
had a subscription to Highlights for a couple of years and they
mentioned Galant and Goofuss! Funny stuff! 9.5/10


[SKETCH] Wrap It Up- I didn't get it. I perceived it as making fun of
retarded people and how they only enjoy popsicles? I had no idea where
this was going while watching it and didn't know where it went when it
was over. 3/10


[SKETCH] Hello Dolly- THe second best skit of the night (after
Newsstand!) It was hilarious! The descriptions of the dolls and then
tying them into their strange lives really cracked me up! I'll even
give John Goodman a kudos for this one! 9/10


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn- Colin pulled off another funny WU.
You gotta give the guy credit after everyone trashes him for not having
the "Norm Qualities" we all love so much. The jockey comment was
easily the most memorable ("She's retiring from being a jockey at age
35 and now will strive for her goal of having her period!" LOL!) Tracy
Morgan is the man, and his FUBU commentary was pretty amusing. 8/10


[MUSICAL GUEST] Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- OK, these guys are so
early 90's! I didn't even watch it. N/A


[SKETCH] Santa gets drunk- The Nick at Nite "Taxi" reference was pretty
funny. But I dunno...the rest just kinda was a "Lets try to be like
Chris Farley" skit and wasn't very funny. I love Chris Parnell, but I
could see him stand up when he walked out of the door. There was no
funny left in it after the "Taxi" thing. 4/10


[SKETCH] Happy Smile Patrol- When I saw the words Happy Smile Patrol I
told my brother and sister "I bet Chris Kattan is in this skit" and not
so surprisingly, he was! But he was easily the most convincing as an
over happy demented kid's character...and it was pretty funny! I
actually enjoyed watching the kids show when the characters are so
happy, and then a NewsFlash comes on revealing their true lives. A
predictable end, but still a "Made me laugh" skit. 8/10


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 Behind the Music: Bun E. Carlos- I recall Haratio Sanz
in this skit and that about killed the whole thing. 1/10


[MUSICAL GUEST] Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- Grrr...Two times?!
Trust me, once was enough. I didn't even watch it. N/A


[SKETCH] Whorehouse's data entry- Gosh, the only thing that saved this
was what Will Ferrell was wearing (What was that anyway?!) and someone
finally having morals on this show (Goodman's character felt bad for
what he did) but otherwise the question "What was Lorne thinking?" pops
into my head. 3/10


An overall sucky show. Dana Carvey would be so much funnier! I love
you Dana! Anyways...I've seen John Goodman too many times this season
to enjoy his "comedy." The highlights (LOL!) of the show were
Newsstand and Hello Dolly. But what was with the Whorehouse and Wrap
it Up sketches? I'm gonna have to give this show a 5/10. Now we gotta
wait until May 8 for a new show????!!! They have one month to make a
kick ass show and I hope the writers deliver.

Episode Review written by Lindsay Nouis

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