John Goodman / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
April 10, 1999

[OPENER] Clinton apologizes for not lying about Kosovo

This was one of the best openers of the year. It's good to see
them go back to their roots with politcal openers with the president
addressing the nation. You can't really lose with these ones. Darrell
was as awesome as ever as Clinton.

Grade: A+


[MONOLOGUE] John Goodman

One of the better monologues this year. John seemed to frustrated
for real at times. Jimmy Fallon was great here. At least SNL can poke
fun at themselves for having Goodman back to host yet again. He
could've been a cast member this year if he wanted to. Steve Martin
better watch 'cause John's he's catching up to him. Only 3 more gigs
and he can tie Steve. And don't think it won't happen. It would be
great if Steve Martin hosted the opener for the 25th Season.

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Arthur Dugan, Illiterate Jackass

I loved this one for some reason. I guess it's because it was
funny to see Goodman play a 50 year old who says "'cause, I
rule...this school!" I busted up each time he said that.

Grade: B+


[SKETCH] Shaun Mondavi Vineyards

Will Ferell was too hilarious here. The look on his face when
drinking the wine was friggin' funny. Goodman was alright. It started
out great, but kinda' slowed down a little.

Grade: A-



This was pretty funny. The best on was the animal magazine.

Grade: B


[SKETCH] Bobby Wraps It Up

This was a failry ok sketch. You could pretty much see what was
coming ahead of time, but it was still funny. It was funny when
Goodman had Kattan think of ice cream and stuff. That's about it.

Grade: C+


[SKETCH] Hello Dolly!

I like these ones a lot. To see 2 grown people get all excited
about some dolls is just really funny to me. Especially when Goodman
does it.

Grade: A



A very excellent Update. Cheri Oteri is pretty funny when she's a
commentator. Tracy Morgan was even better as a spokesperson for FUBU
wear. My fav was FUBAK - For Us By Asian Kids. Colin's really getting
better and better. I hope he sticks around for another year. (He most
likely will, I know it!)

Grade: A


[MUSIC] Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

A very awesome performance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
They still got it even though they all look a lot older. But hey, they
can still play!!!

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] Santa Sot

I thought this was pretty funny. The best part is when Goodman as
Santa said "I'm gonna' call up old girlfriends!"

Grade: B


[SKETKCH] Happy Smile Patrol

Pretty funny stuff. Even though we all knew that all of them would
be on the news eventually, it was still funny. Everybody was pretty
funny here.

Grade: A-


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 Behind the Music With Bun E. Carlos

I liked this one as well. To think a former guitar player for a
once big name band now works at a bowling alley is too funny. I'm many
people saw this and said "Who the hell is this guy!!!" But I know who
he is, so there!!!



[MUSIC] Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Another great performance!

Grade: A


[SKETCH] The Roadside Brothel

This was an okay filler sketch. A good concept though, having
Goodman have to say what he did and had done to him was funny stuff.
And the computer stuff mixed with S&M people is a strnge concept

Grade: B


OVERALL REVIEW: An alright episode. Goodman is now a 5 timer twice
over. This probably was one his 4th or 5th best hosting gigs if you
ask me. Tom Petty was awesome. The performers of the night were
Parnell, Ferrell, Oteri, & Quinn as well as Goodman of course. So only
2 more to go huh? Well, let's hope they out with a bang this year!


Episode Review written by Eric Amundsen

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