John Goodman / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
April 10, 1999

[OPENING] Clinton goes back to lying: This was so funny. Darrell Hammond does such a great Clinton. A+


[MONOLOGUE] John Goodman: One of the better monologues. Goodman has such a great sense of humor! A


[SKETCH] Adult Literacy Program: LOL! Too funny for words! I was laughing hard. I especially liked the end of the skit. A+


[COMMERCIAL] Shaun Mondavi Vineyards: This was a great skit! I loved the ingredient list. A+


[COMMERCIAL] CNN Newsstand: Pretty funny. A-


[SKETCH] Wrap It Up: LOL. Chris Kattan was so funny as the wrapper. I loved it when all he thought about was ice pops! A+


[SKETCH] Hello Dolly: Probably one of the best skits of the show. Poopsie daisy! It was so funny. It is a lot like what those networks do though! A+


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn: Quinn has greatly improved the WUs. Collete Reirdon always spruces up any skit! A+


[MUSICAL GUEST] Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers: Not a huge fan.. B


[SKETCH] Santa gets drunk: I liked the part when the elves came in walking on their knees. Nice and funny touch. A+


[SKETCH] Happy Smile Patrol: LOL! I hoped this was going to be as funny as Jingleheimer Junction. This was a great skit. I was ROFLOL! A++


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 Behind the Music: Bun E. Carlos: I think the Behind the music deals are stupid .. B


[MUSICAL GUEST] Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers: not a fan . B


[SKETCH] Whorehouse's data entry: VERY funny! A



OTHER COMMENTS: I had really hoped that there would of been another Monica and Linda Tripp skit. Would of been very funny, but oh well. This season has been great!

Episode Review written by C-L Schulz

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