John Goodman / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
April 10, 1999

Is it just me or has SNL been using Clinton sketches to open the show a lot lately? I mean, its funny, but I'd rather see something different open the show next time.


I think its time SNL made John Goodman a cast member, or at least a featured player. This was his 10th time to host and he's been on the show countless times. I'd like to see him made apart of the show, he is very funny. Notice how every time he hosts his monologue gets shorter, I guess thats because they're running out of ideas!


I liked the Adult Literacy program sketch a little, but it just wasn't very funny. They should have gotten more cast members in on that sketch.


The Wine commercial was great. Will Ferrell always does a great job at making fun of commercials, now this is what we need to replace those VH1 parodys!


Chris Kattan has proved once again how funny he can be, I loved his "Wrap it up" sketch. I also have to give John Goodman credit, it was so hilarious to watch everybody get their butts kicked by him!


The "Hello Dolly" sketch was cute. I can't say I really laughed, but I was amused at how the hosts would compare dolls to their own children.


I'm a big fan of Colin Quinn, but if they hadn't of gotten Cheri Oteri as Colette on Weekend Update, it would have really sucked. But maybe it was just because there really wasn't anything to make fun of except for whats going on in Kosovo.


Finally, a musical guest thats worth watching. I love this band!!!


I really wonder what goes on in the North Pole outside of Christmas? Once again, John Goodman does a great impression, it was so funny to watch him get mad and drunk, then break glasses over the sink while Molly Shannon just stood there as Mrs. Claus. Also, Cheri and Chris (Parnell) looked so cute as that elf couple.


Now for the best sketch of the evening, THE HAPPY SMILE PATROL!!! I couldn't stop laughing! But now I'm a little worried about what goes on outside of Barney's show.


The "Whorehouse data entry" sketch was pretty funny. A little gross......but funny.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this weekends episode an 8. The sketches were great, the host was hilarious, and I actually watched the musical guest perform.

Episode Review written by BabyCora11

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