John Goodman / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
April 10, 1999

I was looking forward to this episode because I love Goodman appearances
or hosting stints, and Tom Petty is pretty good. After a couple of
weeks, I expected a pretty good show, too. Was it...?


Clinton goes back to lying:
This was a strong opener and in good humor, at least as far as
SNL-Clinton relations go. Some funny lines and a nice idea.
--9 out of 10


John Goodman Monologue:
This was a funny idea, and it was pretty good overall, but they could
have done more to make it seem like '91. By the way, Petty and Goodman
wre never on at the same time, just to ruin everyone's fun. Pretty good
monologue, though.
--7.5 out of 10


Adult Literacy Program:
This was a great 10 to 1. Unfortunately, it wasn't a 10 to 1.
--6 out of 10


Shawn Mondavy Vineyards:
Will was great in this one! Very funny and original. There was some
really good material that would fit will, and it fit him very well.
--9 out of 10


CNN Newsstand:
This was a funny skit. I don't even have CNN, but I know what they're
talking about. Good stuff.
--8.5 out of 10


Wrap it Up:
This was a funny skit. Nothing spectacular, and maybe a little weird
(OK, definitely), but I just liked it.
--8 out of 10


Hello Dolly:
Goodman and Gasteyer were great! This was hilarious, and the lines were
awesome! They pulled it out perfectly and stutterless. Man, it's hard
to type that word. I've liked this recurring character, and the only on
of the night.
--9.5 out of 10


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn:
Great update! He had some good material and a lot of funny
entertainment jokes, like Garfunkel and Cher. The guests, also, were
great, and this could have quit possibly been the best Update of the
year. I say great a lot.
--9.5 out of 10


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers #1:
This was funny, I mean a good song. Nice beat. Good beat.
--8.5 out of 10


Santa gets drunk:
The crowd didn't seem to like this one as much as me and my sister did.
We both were laughing and laughing. And laughing. Interesting idea.
What does Santa do in his off-seasons?
--8.5 out of 10


Happy Snile Patrol:
Same story as the last skit. I liked the idea of returning to convicts
and happy people. Pulled off very nicely, too. Parnell and Goodman
were hilarious!
--8.5 out of 10


VH1 Behind the Music: Bun E. Carlos:
I like these ones, but I'm just not a huge Horatio fan. He's just not
too funny. But this was pretty good.
--7 out of 10


Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers #2:
Good, but, like always, the second is never as good.
--6 out of 10


Whorehouse's data entry:
This was funny, a Prostitutes/Technology bit. Nice 10 to 1.
--7.5 out of 10


A very strong show, and definitely one of the better ones of the year.
Up there with Romano and Van Der Beek. Goodman was great, as usual.
And I look forward to probably seeing him on the next live show. 4
weeks! Man! Anyway, not a single skit was below 5, I don't think. So
a good show.
--8 out of 10

Episode Review written by Artie

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