John Goodman / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
April 10, 1999

Hello, all and Sean!! Hope everyone enjoyed the last live episode for
a while!! I'm actually pretty excited Cuba is hosting the next live
show..although not much can be said for the host and the musical
guest lined up for the season finale!! LOL. Anyway, on with the


Clinton Back to Lying...This cracked me up! I loved it!!! This was a
great way to start the show. It was new and fresh, but at the same
time the same ole stuff!! A


Monologue....I loved the monologue! It was classic monologue! I
laughed hysterically, especially with that phony newspaper..and Jimmy
coming out and predicting what would happen next, which of course
did! It was great! Jimmy is such a cutie!! A


Adult Literacy Program...This was not all that great! It slowed down
the great pace the show had at the very beginning. I was getting
annoyed with John after a while and I was disappointed they didn't
incoporate other people in the sketch! It was mostly just John and
Tim going back and forth! I was glad to see that they didn't have Tim
in a wig though!! They should let him wear his own hair more often! B-


Shaun Mondavi Vineyards...Will's faces had me rolling on the floor!
It was a great commerical, but I did not like John and Molly's part
in it. It kinda made the whole sketch come to a stop. But it was
good! B+


CNN Newstand....This was hilarious! I thought it was really funny!
It was very clever. I don't have much more to say about it because I
forget LOL LOL A-(minus because of losing my thoughts!!)


Wrap it Up...Yay!! Chris!!! I was so glad to see him!! :) :) This
sketch was hilarious as well! Geez, SNL seems to having a good night!
Anyway, this was a great sketch! Chris was so cute!! The "swan" was
hilarious and the ice pop with the tail and ears to look like a cat
and the hair represent his mom...I died!!! A


Hello, Dolly...This one was funny to a serious point, and then it got
old! It got kinda annoying, and it was very - strange? when he
started yelling at the doll like it was his daughter. Hmm, I think
they should do away with Home Shopping sketches on this show. C+


Weekend Update....Okay, so my rating on this one will be quite biased
since after the fact I found out that they so casually cut Jimmy's
song that he was supposed to sing during the update! Now, cutting
Jimmy's song - I feel that Lorne has lost his mind! Hmm, with that in
mind, I can't believe they chose the crap Tracy did over Jimmy
singing! I love Tracy dearly, but what the f-- was that?? I didn't
like it even before I knew about the song! Cheri on the other hand
was hilarious as usual! And Colin had some GREAT jokes!!! Other than
the slightly overlook, it was one of the best WU!! B-(minus for
Tracy/cutting Jimmy!)


Tom Petty...I shouldn't even comment!!! I just can't stand him!!! CAN
NOT STAND HIM!! His voice is so damn irriating!!! I started channel
surfing and caught an ER repeat. So I give the ER repeat an A for
saving me from HELL! And Tom Petty...F F F


Santa Gets Drunk....SNL suffers from last half hour syndrome! This
was awful!! I hated it! They could've done so much more with this
sketch! It was just bad..and Cheri and Chris actually could've waited
until they got off camera to stand up! I must admit though that
Cheri and Chris looked adorable :) But I still have to give it...D


Happy Smile Patrol...I loved the first three times that the "news"
broke in, after that it got really really annoying! I was actually
hoping the whole sketch was going to be the Happy Smile Patrol
show..like the Jingleheimer Junction sketch from the Cameron Diaz
episode. If it wasn't for the many, many interupptions it would've
been funnier. B-


VH-1 (Bun E. Carlos)....Funny, but it was something that looked like
SNL threw in there to fill up space (hmm, maybe because they cut
Jimmy's song!) Anyway, I love that song they were playing in the
background :) C


Tom Petty....Hmm, the end of that ER repeat was great!! Go Carter and
Benton!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFF (have I mention how much I can't stand Tom


Whorehouse Data Entry...I loved this sketch!! I'm actually going to
be doing a production of "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" soon, so
in a weird way this got me all excited to start the production!!
Anyway, that's besides the point, it was hilarious!! And I loved
Will's outfit!!! LOL LOL!!! He cracked me up...and I thought it was
hilarious that he was wearing it at curtain call as well. B


Overall...I thought this was a great episode! I knew John Goodman
would rock!!! I am still pissed about the Jimmy thing..and I would've
like to have seen the sketches that they cut..like the one with
Horatio as the rapper that Sean described in the Late Breaking News
link. Anyway, as I continue to blab..it was great episode! I'm
looking forward to the next live show...but not too sure about the
season finale!! I'm hoping maybe 7 degress Celcius (Teen Pulse sketch
they did back when the guy from Dawson's Creek hosted) will do a song
with the Backstreet Boys! That would be hilarious! Anyway, way to go,
John!! Awesome show!! A-

And guess what folks!! That's my review and I'm stickin' to it!!

See ya in a month!!!!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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