Cuba Gooding Jr. / Ricky Martin
May 8, 1999


Looked good and started good but I missed most of it. Yet what I saw was
B- stuff so that my grade to the sketch




Surprisingly good even if it looked as it wouldn't suceed. The clever
ways of missing and Sanz and fallon ruled



Lotto jokes

the first one sucked but the second one ruled. The last one was good but
not great in all from worst to best to regular.



Barbara Walter

This sucked. Their Walters jokes aren't that funny. The think its
funnier and more acclaim than it truly is.



NBC Jesus miniseries

Although I felt they could have done more it was still fantastic. Sanz
was the man of the sketch and Ferrell did good too. Parnell sucked but
it still was great.



Pretty Livin

That Shannon character like most sucks. I thought that Cuba would
lighten it up specially after he came but he failed too.



Ladies Man

The best ever. Tim Meadow is the best and he proved it. Monica didn't do
anything there but Tim ruled and then the Goodman call. This just
rocked. The best sketch of the night and candidate for best sketch of
the year. Yet I would have like that Goodman appeared physically and do
a sketch but it still just kicked ass.



Ambigously gay duo when young

This one was more of the same but it still good. They are always funny
and this was more hilarity



Ricky Martin

Puerto Rico the best. Viva Puerto Rico libre. That is all


Weeken Update

Best update in a while with Quinn. He did good this time especially the
Kattan joke. Also Hammond did great but Fallon was weak




Best Mango ever but thats not much of a compliment. The Suburban house
idea was marvelous and the funniest part. Good one .



Martha Stewart

Also funny but short. Still as funny as a Martha Stewart sketch can be
and thats not saying much.



Gooding unapreciated

This one was marvelous and yes Oteri kept sucking. Gooding was great but
the star was Morgan which again was underused. Which made the Michaels
joke the best one I have seen that has lorne involved




Although they could have done more with the show it still was
outstanding. The show was great and so was Cuba. Great show hope they
keep it up.


Episode Review written by Rafael Hernandez

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