Cuba Gooding Jr. / Ricky Martin
May 8, 1999

[OPENING] Clinton dreams of Malibu future-I'm still in shock that
Monica Lewinsky would appear on a show that has mocked her so much this
past year! But I must admit her performance was better than what I had
expected. Tim as Vernon Jordan and Tracy as Bettie Curry really
cracked me up...a better Clinton sketch than usual...but Darrel, enough
with the lip and thumb!


[MONOLOGUE] Cuba Gooding Jr.-Awesome monolougue! "Why doesn't he just
say it?" LOL! Cuba had so much excitement and just looked like he was
having a blast that his monologue had the same feeling of excitement to
it. That dance move he did at the end was pretty cool too! 8.5/10


[COMMERCIAL] LOTTO: For the Ones You Love-Very funny! I never expected
a Lotto commercial to be the result of such a serious ad! I normally
think of those Lee Majors: Six Million Dollar Man Lotto commercials
that this was completely unexpected! 9/10


[SKETCH] NBC's improvised miniseries-Hilarious! I'm glad that some
people of NBC can recognize the wrongness of changing the Bible (aka
that horrible outcome of the interpretation of Noah's Ark!) Will and
Cuba making up their own dialogue as they went was hilarious, especialy
when Barry was brought into the story! 9/10


[MISCELLANEOUS] Barbara Walters looks for Monica, part 1-Cheri Oteri
has always cracked me up with her impression of Barbara Walters! But
was this the one with Tim and Molly or the Cuba dressed up as Lincoln
one? Kinda unmemorable but all of them made still me laugh. 7.5/10


[SKETCH] Pretty Living-These Joyologists skits were funny the first
hundred times...very predictable nowadays...the highlights were Cuba's
oufit and Ana's new anti-depressant comment! Ben Stiller is the only
one who has been truly funny at this skit (dead eye...LOL!) 6/10


[COMMERCIAL] LOTTO: Don't Give Up- The best Lotto sketch of the night
"$75 winner and had to split with four other winners"...LOL! The Never
Give Up and You Can Achieve Anything Theory was proved true with this
commercial! "$50 winner" 10/10


[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man- Finally! The Ladies' Man is back! LOL! I
was sooooooooo happy John Goodman didn't show up! That made my day!
Tim hilarious as usual and Monica trying to explain to the caller not
to trust people was pretty funny. But it just seemed like a skit the
producers had to add to put Linda Tripp in somewhere. 7.5/10


[TV FUNHOUSE] Ambiguo Boys- Hilarious! "You have him pinned!" I
laughed the whole time! When they changed into their hero outfits and
the amount of time it took...come on people...they are sooooo gay!
They went into the same stall to change and Gary didn't even know he
had a girlfriend...LOL! 9/10


[MISCELLANEOUS] Barbara Walters looks for Monica, part 2- A repeat of
the last one...still amusing, even though I'm not quite sure which one
this one was. 7.5/10


[MUSICAL GUEST] Ricky Martin- Damn this guy is hot! He can't dance
worth anything though, if you can call what he was doing dancing!
Catchy tune and majorly hot guy! 9/10


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn- Pretty funny...Jimmy was amusing,
but this song idea is wearing a bit thin (I think this was the third
time this season) He reiminds me of Adam Sandler, I didn't really like
the Jesse Jackson thing, and I think there was one more guest but if
it's that unmemorable then it couldn't have been too funny. 7/10


[SKETCH] Mango turns Cuba down- Mango is straight! I would have never
guessed! Hilarious! I love those gold shorts and weird sideburns on
all members of the family! Chris was wearing the funniest pink scarf
and hat when he went to Cuba's house! Cuba got so into it and I saw
his butt! Get Some! Funny and so unpredictable! I thought it would
be ANOTHER stupid Mango sketch but what a surprise! 10/10


[COMMERCIAL] New Scratchers from LOTTO- The worst one that I can't even
remember it...but I remember laughing anything I laugh at gets at least
a 7/10


[COMMERCIAL] Martha Stewart Living promo- Ana is always so funny in
these skits! Her projects are so weird and that placemat Martha's
daughter gave her mom for Mother's Day showing nice little daddy and
daughter and mommy as the devil was pretty humerous! 8/10


[MISCELLANEOUS] Barbara Walters looks for Monica, part 3 - "Who ever
remember who hosted the show with Sinead O'Conner?" I think that was
the last one where Barbara says "Mama Like"...LOL! Pretty funny! 8/10


I loved this episode! We haven't had a good episode since James Van
Der Beek but this one certainly delivered! It was hilarious...maybe
the writers should take more one month breaks if this is what we
get...it was definitely worth the wait! Cuba rocked, Ricky is hot, and
Monica was actually pretty funny! Highlights were Mango being straight
and Improvising the Bible! One of the best if not the best of the
season! 9/10 One more left of the season but it's gonna be tough to
top this one!

Episode Review written by Lindsay Nouis

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