Cuba Gooding Jr. / Ricky Martin
May 8, 1999

[OPENING] Clinton dreams of Malibu future

I thought the opening was funny, didn't enjoy Monica Lewinsky, though. (B)

[MONOLOGUE] Cuba Gooding Jr.

Very funny monolouge, loved it when Jimmy and Horatio were "talking to each other". (A)

[COMMERCIAL] LOTTO: For the Ones You Love

Kinda funny (B-)

[SKETCH] NBC's improvised miniseries

Funny, but it could have been better (B)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Barbara Walters looks for Monica, part 1

Not very funny, kinda dumb (C-)

[SKETCH] Pretty Living

Annoying as heck, I hate that Molly Shannon character! (D)


Funnier than the first one (B)

[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man

Very, very funny, Tim was great, could have done without Monica (A)

[TV FUNHOUSE] Ambiguo Boys

Funny, could have been funnier (B)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Barbara Walters looks for Monica, part 2

Not funny! (D-)

[MUSICAL GUEST] Ricky Martin

Love the song, Ricky did a great job (A)

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Jimmy's "Star Wars" songs were great, Jesse Jackson was funny (A)

[SKETCH] Mango turns Cuba down

This was my favorite skit! Loved Cuba stripping and Mango running away with fright! (A)

[COMMERCIAL] New Scratchers from LOTTO

Again, kinda funny (B-)

[COMMERCIAL] Martha Stewart Living promo

The skit had it's moments (B)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Barbara Walters looks for Monica, part 3

This was the better of the Barbara skits. (B+)

Episode Review written by Lindsay Tatkin

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