Cuba Gooding Jr. / Ricky Martin
May 8, 1999

Well, hi, and welcome to a new season of SNL! I know, but it sure seems
like it's been that long, eh? And just one more episode before the season
really ends, so whoa.

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Now I've been debating this all week. Do you guys want to see a review of
the Cuba Gooding Jr. episode? I thought so, so I guess I'll start now.


Overview - Cuba Gooding Jr. is a great actor, as I've seen from Lightning
Jack, As Good As It Gets, and yes, Jerry Maguire. A good host choice? I
hoped so. Hey, SNL has two cast members who've done impressions of him, so
he'll have a few laughs out of it and hopefully use the adrenaline to do a
good show. Also, he's a good sport coming to NYC while his wife's
recuperating after being bit by Joan Rivers. :) j/k. Ricky Martin. Eh.
Not a great choice, not the worst possible choice they could have made.
And, of course, the Divine Miss M! She'll be a definite ratings booster.
This will definitely be the highest rated episode in a long time. As for
quality, only time would tell.


Clinton Retirement - Let me get this straight. He DIDN'T want to be
impeached? :) If I were elected president I'd resign just so this could
happen! Monica shines in her show biz debut. B-


Monologue - Well, I counted 8 "Show me the money's" said in the whole
monologue, by Cuba and others. (Congrats to my brother Jay for winning the
pool.) You knew he was going to say it, but the suspense was still pretty
.. suspenseful. A+++!!


Lotto - Um, okay. C


NBC Jesus Miniseries - Funny lines, seemed very improv-ed, and a wonderful
example of how the Bible can work in the minds of SNL writers. A+


Barbara looks for Monica - Don't know what to say, really. Amazing how
Monica is able to laugh at all of this. B-


Pretty Living - Helen's "new boyfriend" saved this usually bland sketch from
going nowhere. Liked the song. C-


Lotto - A bit better than the first one. C


Ladies Man - Best Ladies Man of all time!!! Loved the cracks at Monica's
"rendez-vous's" and John Goodman's walk-on, or should I say "phone-on?" A+


AmbiguoBoys - I always kind of wondered what those two were like as kids.
Another good one. A


Barbara asks the Spanish lady - If I knew a word of Spanish, maybe I would
have gotten this particular part of the Barbara Walters cycle. But I don't,
so... C+


Ricky Martin - Call me crazy, but I loved this! A+


Weekend Update - Colin just keeps getting better. God only knows what
Kattan was thinking about that gay crack. From experience (ie. Norm and
Chris) I predict one of them won't be back next year. Jesse Jackson was
funny but slow. Jimmy's songs are always good for a laugh. A+


Mango - I can't believe all these male stars actually agree to pretend
they're gay! Good to see the Mango seed is spreading. B-


Lotto - This one was just stupid. F


Martha Stewart Living - Lots of lip curlers here. Loved the picture of
Martha as the devil "drawn by my daughter." B-


Barbara finds the REAL host - I know he jokes about it, but Cuba's got to
feel something about his SNL debut overshadowed by the most famous "mouth"
on the continent. Good to see this ongoing sketch got somewhere and made a
big finish. A+!!


Overall - This show definitely had the best teamwork of any other show this
season, with Monica and Cuba, of course. Plus it seemed that every cast
member got almost equal air time. That's what makes the good shows, guys,
you should do that a lot more often. A!

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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