Cuba Gooding Jr. / Ricky Martin
May 8, 1999

Clinton Retirement -
This one was good but it seemed to be a little short. I think they could have made it a little bit longer and give Monica some more time acting.I liked anyways.


Monologue -
Unlike most shows when the monologue is the weakest part of the show I thought it was one of the best of the night.Fallon and Sanz were simply great.


Lotto -
I like SNL Commercials much better when its just one and not a series of them(the VHI ones for example).This wasn't anything special.


NBC Jesus Miniseries -
I think SNL could have done a better job on this than they did. Spoofing the stupid TV miniseries' was a good idea though so I liked it.


Barbara looks for Monica -
I like Oteri's Walters impression.This skit seemed to have no real purpose and I didn't find it funny.


Pretty Living -
Ever since I first saw pretty living I hated the skit and I hoped they would never repeat it and they did. Not only once. The worst skit of the night.


 Lotto -
This one I found a lot funnier than the first one.


Ladies Man-
I love Tim Meadows.This was funny the whole way through easily the ultimate skit of the night. I'm glad Monica got more acting time than on the Clinton retirement one.


AmbiguoBoys -
Its good to see they changed the setting of the ambiguosly guy duo cartoon.Like always I loved it. Did Drew Barrymore really play Gary's girlfriend?


Barbara asks the Spanish lady -
Worse than the first one


Ricky Martin -
I'm not into this guys music style at all, I preffer Rock, but this song if very catchy. I liked it.


Weekend Update -
Great Update just great. I think that slowly Colin has gotten to be just as good as Norm was. Fallons' songs are great and I never have cared much for Hammonds' Jesse Jackson but he was pretty good tonight.


Mango - Another skit I'm happy to see change a little bit becaus ethe mango skit was the same for about two seasons. The best mango of all time!


Lotto - I'm very tired of these.


Martha Stewart Living -
Not the best Martha Stewart evr but it was ok. Should have been longer.


Barbara finds the REAL host - This got a little old to by the end of the night. I liked the last joke when Tracy Morgan introdused himself to Lorne Micheals.


Overall -
The Walters segments and Lotto commercials were pretty boring after awhile but the show did have some great skits, a good host, and a great special guest. Overall I give it a

Episode Review written by Jamie Papadimas

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