Cuba Gooding Jr. / Ricky Martin
May 8, 1999

Clinton Opening: This was great. When "No Scrubs" was played, and then
Tracy Morgan entered as Betty Curry, followed by Vernon Jordan with the
prostitutes, and then of course the real Monica Lewinsky, maybe it was
the best opening this season. Grade: A+


Monologue: Good monologue. Horatio thinking to himself "Son of a
bitch" was hilarious. Grade: A+


Lotto Commercial 1: This was allright, but nothing great. Grade: C+


NBC Miniseries: An allright sketch, but the weakest of the night.
Horatio looking like an average guy that was just put into the scene was
funny, but I really don't understand the point of this being on so
early. Grade: C+


Barbara Walters: This was pretty funny. As long as Cheri is in it ,
it'll be good. Where's floor nine? Grade: B+


Helen Madden: This started off dull but then picked up once Cuba
entered as Helen's new lover. How many has she had? Grade: B+


Lotto Commercial 2: This was hilarious. Tracy's character, "The
Non-Winner" is what made me laugh most. Grade: A+


The Ladies Man: Best sketch of the night. When John Goodman as Linda
Tripp was shown during the phone call, I could not stop laughing. Then
when Monica was asked "How big will the Star Wars Opening be,
hilarious! Grade: A+


Ambiguosly Gay Duo: One of the better ones. I didn't realize that Drew
Barrymore was doing the voice of the girlfriend. Grade: A


Barbara Walters/ Cleaning Woman: Pretty good. It was funny when
Barbara only gave her a small amount of change. Grade: A


Musical Guest: Ricky Martin was a good upbeat musical guest for a great


Weekend Update: This was the best weekend update of the season. The
Joey Buttafuco joke was the best. Darrell was funny as the Rev. Jesse
Jackson, but Jimmy kind of bombed with his guitar routine. Grade: A


Mango: How out of control was this? This was hilarious, but what
happened to Monica? Grade: A+


Lotto Commercial 3: Pointless. Grade: F


Martha Stewart: And it gets better. The drawing form her daughter and
the new gift she gave her with Martha commenting "What the hell?" was
hilarious. Grade: A+


Barbara Walters/Cuba: Great ending to the show: "Mama like, but save it
for The View!!":. Grade: A+


Overall: This was easliy the best one of the season. It just kept
getting better as the show went along, especially from "The Ladies Man"
on. I can't believe they actually got Monica to do the show. Every
cast member got a chance to do something, which you don't see too
often. If only every episode had been like this. Grade: A+

Episode Review written by Eric Golden

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