Cuba Gooding Jr. / Ricky Martin
May 8, 1999

Hello, Everyone!!! It's so good to be back after a long month!!! So, only
one more to go!! What are we all going to do all summer long? It's going to
be scary!! Anyway, I have great news!!! :) :) I got accepted to graduate
school...University of Maine, which is about 400 miles from NYC!! So, not
entirely too far, but not entirely too close. And I'm already planning my
first trip down to visit my friend and hopefully see the show!! Next season
is going to rock! Anyway, enough yapping! Let's get to my review!


Clinton Dreams of Malibu: I must admit that I'll be sad to see Clinton
leave office next year because I LOVE Darrell to death! I was surprised that
this was so short though! Usually the openings are a little bit longer! But
it was hilarious! Go Monica!! A


Monologue: All I can say is Jimmy and Horatio!!! They definitely saved
this monologue and cracked me up! Jimmy was a riot..."I'm crazy!" Hmm, must
say that Cuba dancing was kinda cool!! :) :) B+ (plus for Jimmy and Horatio)


Lotto Commerical: I was like "What the hell are they paroding", then I
couldn't stop laughing!! This was great! And it reminded me of the Lotto
commmericals up in WA state where I used to live. A


NBC's Improvised Miniseries: Okay, so I'm watching this and I'm not
laughing, and I'm wondering why they are showing this sketch! Extremely
lame! Very dull! Needs a new script..or maybe they didn't have one!! LOL
LOL Despite my attempt at a joke D


Barbara Walters Search for Monica, Part I: Cheri rocks! I love her!!
Wasn't much to it, but it was funny!! A-


INSERT---Sarah Michelle Gellar and Backstreet Boys YUCK YUCK YUCK!! Lame!!!
I can't believe a teenybopper show for the season finale-how


Pretty Living: This is one of the best characters Molly has!! She's so
great!! OMG-what did they have Cuba in! It was crazy! The way he was
sitting was awesome! Cuba was great in this sketch! The voice was hysterical
and so was the song! But it was way too long though! A-


Lotto Commerical: The first one was better this one was saved by the
subtitles!! Tracy's non-winner was great!! B


The Ladies Man: I was never much of a ladies man fan!! The first time I
laughed was when Tim started to talk about the Garfield phone! And then I
cracked up until the end!! John Goodman!!! It was great that they got him on
the phone because he couldn't get there. The Star Wars commerical at the end
was the best! A-


Funhouse (Gay Duo): About damn time they brought Ace and Gary back!! This
is the only funhouse worth watching, and it's hilarious! Excite the
molecules!! I laughed my ass off! A


Barbara Walters Searches for Monica, Part II: Oh, Cheri!! She's awesome!!
Short and sweet...like this sketch! (OK that was bad!!! I admit it!)


Ricky Martin: Great Song!! Great looking man, but I still hate musical
guests. B


Weekend Update: The joke about Chris, even though kinda mean, was
absolutely hysterical!!! It was hilarious! The rest of the news was okay.
There have been better. Jimmy's songs...as a friend of mine said quite
clearly "It tanked!" First off, Jimmy looked awful. I don't know, tired,
pale, annoyed? He didn't look like he was having fun like his other carol
sketches. It stunk bad, and I love Jimmy to death! C-(minus for Mr. Fallon)


Mango: One of the best Mango's ever!!! Cuba's got a cute butt and I about
died when Chris had that pink hat thing on! The sketch was awesome! A+


Martha Stewart Living: To know that Ana can look exactly like her is pretty
scary! I've always liked these parodies. This one was great! That big welt
on her arm cracked me up! B


Barbara Walters Searches for Monica, Part III: Okay, this was pretty lame
to end the show on this, but we are talking about SNL here, known to put
lame ass sketches to fill space! I kinda felt sorry for Cheri since she
played Barbara all night and never in the actual studio! F


OVERALL: I was exremely happy with this episode! I think I went into it
knowing I would like it because it has been a month, and I've always loved
Cuba! Although no matter how much I prepare for next's weeks, I'll hate it!
I totally know. Anyway, Cuba was great, Monica was awesome, and Ricky was
gorgeous! It was a cool show, with a few expectations. So, therefore B

And so, that's my review and I'm sticking to it!! I'll see ya'll next week
for the final show!!! :)

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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