Cuba Gooding Jr. / Ricky Martin
May 8, 1999

(OPENING) Clinton dreams of Malibu future

I knew with the Monica rumors that she would be on this sketch if she was on the show. Pretty much your usual Clinton opening but it is nice having the real Monica on the show.



(MONOLOGUE) Cuba Gooding Jr.

I like Cuba, and this was a killer monologue. It's kind of ridicoulous that so many people are obsessed with him saying "Show me the money" but it was hilarious when he wouldn't say it, but he did the motions.



(COMMERCIAL) Lotto: For the ones you love

Eh, this was a pretty pointless commercial, definitely not one that needed extra installments. Just a big waste.



(SKETCH) NBC's The New Testament

This was pretty funny because let's face it, it's hard to improvise the bible. You know something, I think they were also improvising in Noah's Ark because that was a piece of crap. Anyway, Horatio's character was a nice touch.



(MISCELLANEOUS) Barbara Walters looks for Monica part 1

Cheri again does a good job as Barbara and this was pretty much an impersonation showcase for her.



(SKETCH) Pretty Living

Jeez, why? This sketch is arguably the worst friggin recurring sketch SNL has had in a long time.



(COMMERCIAL) Lotto: Don't give up

OK, this one was a little bit better, but it was still dragging on too long.



(SKETCH) The Ladies Man

Geez, does anyone know the number of times John Goodman had cameos this season? Anyway, Monica's prescence helped a little, especially when she was talking with Goodman.



(TV FUNHOUSE) Ambiguoboys

Yet another twist on the AGD cartoon, this one was just your usual AGD episode except they were in high school. I cracked up at that dog, and at most of the sketch.



(MISCELLANEOUS) Barbara looks for Monica part 2

This time, she talks to a janitor who doesn't speak English. OK I guess.




I'll never like Colin's style, but he had some good jokes this time. Darrell's Jesse Jackson didn't help a bit.



(SKETCH) Mango turns Cuba down

A twist on the Mango theme, but I really didn't want to see Cuba strip. I didn't even know he had a family, but they'll add anything in.



(COMMERCIAL) Lotto Scratchers

Short and pointless is all I have to say.



(COMMERCIAL) Martha Stewart Living promo

With Mother's Day approaching, this was a perfect spot. Ana was on as Martha as always.



(MISCELLANEOUS) Barbara looks for Monica part 3

I do feel sorry for Cuba since he hosted when Monica Lewinsky had a cameo, deverting all the attention to her. Tracy Morgan does need to be on a bit more, and he did a good job telling Lorne who he was. That is so true.



(OVERALL) A good show with 3 good celebrities. Cuba did a great job hosting, I hope he does it again soon. If it weren't for Pretty Living and those damn Lotto commercials, this would have been an excellent show. Next week is the season finale with Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Backstreet Boys. Two of my least favorite personalities, so I hope I live through it.


Episode Review written by Adam Shuler

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