Sarah Michelle Gellar / Backstreet Boys
May 15, 1999

Hey everybody. Let's get to it. Now Sarah Michelle Gellar was really good
the last time she hosted so I knew it would be a good show. I was hoping for
a Roxbury Guy sketch since we only had one all season. And as for the
Backstreet Boys, I don't know what Lorne was smoking when he came up with
this. I didn't review them because (1) I don't like them (2) If you like
them thats your own business and may God have mercy on your soul. (3) I
would have ended up giving them a .5/10 and then nobody wins.
Oh yeah and hey Mark Polishuk the Leafs suck and the Red Wings is gunna take
it all. Yeah!


[OPENING] Marty and Bobbie Culp at graduation party
I was kinda dissapoined with this opener. I mean for a finale they should
have had something better. I like these characters but they're nothing
great. Once they get to singing the songs it picks up. ".......I keep
alternating between wanting to cry and having a violent orgasm."


[MONOLOGUE] Sarah Michelle Gellar
This was a great monologue for once. It made up for a slow opener. The best
monologues are the ones with the cast come out. The joke about getting porn
videos from Colin must have been payback for the joke Colin made last week
about Chris. When I saw Will Ferrell walk on stage with the robe looking
like Hugh Hefner jezzuz did I laugh hard. At the end with Horatio eating the
chocolate was gold. The expression on his face was priceless.


[SKETCH] The Tiger Beat Ultra Super Duper Dreamy Love Show
I don't know how this was was the opening sketch of the night. The Practice
Beer joke was funny.
I love how they make fun of teenage girls in this sketch. The screaming, oh
somebody please stop the screaming.


[SKETCH] Sex-crazed couple can't rent cabin
YES!!!!! These are the best! I think everybody in this sketch was enjoying
this a little too much. The pesky little bever part was awesome. I love how
they turn everything around on their guests. "What is that? An old vanilla
Tootsie Roll?


[SKETCH] Little League parent takes game seriously
What can I say? Will Ferrell is the BEST. The sketches where he's playing a
phyco are the best. His timing and facial expressions are great. "I will
downsize your face with a shovel." 8/10


[TV FUNHOUSE] Unsold Cartoon Pilot Shack: The Ginsburg Gang
They should have saved the Ambiguo boys cartoon for the finale. I don't know
what this was?


[SKETCH] MTV's Shame Attack
This is another prime example of white people trying to act black. It was a
pretty weak sketch.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
WU was OK this week. There weren't a lot of good news jokes except the
Disney midget thing. The Amy Fisher commentary sucked but the Billy Dee
Williams comentary saved the whole thing. Tim Meadows rulz. I liked the part
when he pulles out a Colt .45 and Let's Stay Together started playing.
".....I'll show you my darksaber."


[SKETCH] Channel 5's Sunday Matinee: Dusty's Love
Three words: What the F**K. I think the writers were on PCP too. I didn't
get the whole singing Will Ferrell thing. The HUMPING SEQUANCE EDITED FOR
TELEVISION was funny.


[SKETCH] Backstage at Nick Kid's Choice Awards
Boy,they sure like to take shots at Brittney Spears lately. Those breast
implants were freakin' huge. It must have been cold in there. Chris Parnell
wasn't very good as Eminem. Some of them kids was scary. Horatio as Rosie
O'Donnell is a strech.


[COMMERCIAL] Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine
SWEET!This was also screwed up. When Will Ferrell came out holding his boobs
jeez....... the only thing that would have been funnier would be if Colin
came out holding his boobs."....but not a lot of that this is no queer
10/10 ----because Sarah Michelle Gellar was holding her boobs.


[SKETCH] Brian Fellow's Safari Planet
Man I was wondering when Morgan was going to get some air time. The only
thing that was funny was Morgan's voice. "That's crazy."


Overall it was a pretty good finale. Last years with David Duchovney was
better. I'm just wondering why Mike Myers didn't host at all this season
promoting his new movie. I heard that he was supposed at some point.
Go Detroit!

Episode Review written by Wayne Kriz

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