Sarah Michelle Gellar / Backstreet Boys
May 15, 1999

Singing couple opening with Will Ferell and Anna Gasteyer is a really
lame sketch, I wish they wouldn't do it any more. D-


Monologue was hilarious, especially when Molly Shannon tried to ask
Sarah out. A


Tiger Beat sketch had a few chuckles, but not that funny. C


Sex Crazed Couple sketch was very funny, I loved it when Sarah and
Cheri started getting into it. A


Will Ferrell, I always fall on the floor whenever he does a "Get off
the Shed!!" Last night he did "Get on the Bag!!" On the floor laughing
yet again. A+


"The Ginsburg Gang" not too funny, they should just stick to Ace and
Gary. C-


"Shame Attack" Very funny when Sarah started to laugh when Molly got
that slime dumped on her. Also Molly had some kind of stretchpants on
so she wasn't naked underneath the skirt. Great sketch. A-


"Weekend Update" Not bad, the Slobodon Milesovic Hollywood square bit
was good but Darrell Hammond as Billy Dee Williams was stupid However
Cheri Oteri as Amy Fisher had me Cracking up! B+


"Back Street Boys" I don't care to much for them

"Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards" I thought Sarah as Brittaney Spears
was Okey. B-


Holding your own Boobs was one of the best, When will comes out
holding his boobs I hit the floor again!" A


"The Blind girl" what the heck was that?? F


Overall, pretty good show I give it a B

Episode Review written by Steve Bertorelli

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