Sarah Michelle Gellar / Backstreet Boys
May 15, 1999

I've voiced my opinions about this show a few times before, but I'll say it again: I wasn't expecting anything spectacular. It was kind of a bad choice for a season finale...but that's just my opinion...


[OPENING] Marty and Bobbie Culp at graduation party
I usually don't like the Culps, but for some reason this time I found them slightly funny.

grade: B+


[MONOLOGUE] Sarah Michelle Gellar
This was hilarious! What's the deal with always making Chris Kattan seem gay, though? I mean, I've heard the rumors, but I don't really want to believe them...okay, anyhoo, this was pretty good. I loved Will coming out in the smoking jacket and then immeadiately leaving.

grade: A-


[SKETCH] The Tiger Beat Ultra Super Duper Dreamy Love Show
Mildly funny. It would have been better if it was like that sketch they did on the James van der Beek episode with the boy band and then brought the Backstreet Boys on. Har har har. Okay, don't mind me, I'm in a strange mood...again...

grade: B+


[SKETCH] Sex-crazed couple can't rent cabin
Funny. I liked the Brendan Fraser sex-crazed couple sketch better. Although I almost died laughing at the end when they threw Chris Parnell out.

grade: A-


[SKETCH] Little League parent takes game seriously
This kinda went nowhere. It was just Will being unbelievably frightening. He's done things like this before and they never really work.

grade: B-


[TV FUNHOUSE] Unsold Cartoon Pilot Shack: The Ginsburg Gang
This was okay. Nothing special. I was kinda hoping for the Ambiguously Gay Duo or Fun With Real Audio. This was just weird.

grade: B


[SKETCH] MTV's Shame Attack
Okay, this was hilarious. And then right after SNL was over I flipped to MTV and caught a part of the Blame Game, which was kind of an odd coincedence. Chris Kattan's lame rap made me hysterical.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Backstreet Boys
AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I had the TV on mute here. Once you've heard one of their songs you've heard them all. I left the room to get a Coke.

grade: didn't watch it


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
Colin was really good. He's kinda gotten the hang of the Update thing now. I wish he'd actually appear in a few sketches, though. Cheri as Amy Fisher was absolutely hilarious. I don't know, is it just me, or does it seem like everytime Cheri comes on Update she ends up saying something about having a thing for Colin? Like remember when she did the Barbie doll thing a few months ago? And then the Collette Reardon thing? And...okay, I'll stop now.

grade: A


[SKETCH] Channel 5's Sunday Matinee: Dusty's Love
This was just plain frightening. Kinda funny, but it terrified me more than anything else.

grade: B-


[SKETCH] Backstage at Nick Kid's Choice Awards
Horatio's Rosie O'Donnell impression made me laugh a little. But Jimmy's impression of Jesse Camp was so dead on! Oh my god. I nearly died laughing...wait, I think I already said that earlier...okay, who cares...and the Britanny Spears impression...well, I've never actually heard her speak, so I have no idea how accurate that was. The Eimenem (okay, I know I spelled that wrong) impression was pretty good. The sketch kinda had an abrupt ending, though.

grade: B+

[COMMERCIAL] Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine
Fairly pointless. Really stupid.

grade: C


[MUSICAL GUEST] Backstreet Boys
TV's on mute now

grade: ------


[SKETCH] Brian Fellow's Safari Planet
It's the last sketch of the night. I'm expecting something really crappy, so this wasn't much of a shock. This marked Tracy's only appearence. God I feel sorry for him.

grade: C


Well, I was expecting a mediocre show and I got one. Sarah was better than she was last year...but I just can't stand the Backstreet Boys...anyhoo, it's going to be a long summer without any new SNLs. Don't know how I'll survive that long...okay, enough exaggeration. It's been a fairly good season for SNL. There have only really been three shows that were horrible...Vince Vaughn, Bill Murray and John Goodman. Not bad...
Okay, enough said, moving on...until next season...Saturday Night Live's 25th anniversary...this is the weird one...Renee...Buh-bye!

Episode Review written by Renee Epstein

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