Sarah Michelle Gellar / Backstreet Boys
May 15, 1999

Hey everyone, here is my review for the last episode of the 1998-99 Season:


The Culps- This was really funny, it was the first time that I had seen this sketch and I thought it was really funny. 9/10


Monologue- This was funny, but it was freaky when Molly Shannon hit on her too. Too weird for me! When it showed Horatio Sanz eating chocolates, it was funny. Could have been better. 6/10


Tiger Beat Show- THIS WAS FREAKING HILLARIOUS!!! If you have ever seen this magazine, you would agree. The best of the night!! I loved it when Ana Gastyer's character said she would drink Draino!!!!10/10


Josh and Laura- What the hell?? I have always hated this. I think that Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan will be off the show next year even though they are the two best on the show right now. 2/10


Little League Game- This was funny, but got old really fast. I dont know why but I thought it was really funny how he kept calling his beer a snow cone. 8/10


Cartoon- funny, but there should have been an Ambiguosely Gay duo or a Heteroy. 6/10


Shame Attack- LMAO Funny!! This was just like the real show, The Blame Game on MTV, It wouldnt have been funny if I had never seen this though. Chris Kattan rapping was hilarious! 9/10


Backstreet Boys- get someone talented PLEASE!!! I have always hated them and all the lame-assed clones they have (N'Sync, 98 degrees) 0/10


Weekend Update- I usually hate these, but this one was actually funny. Amy Fisher was great, and that guy Tim Meadows did was funny too. 7/10


Channel 55 Movie- Again, what the hell? This must have ben making fun of something I have never seen, but Will Ferrell singing was funny! 4/10


Kid'd Choice Awards- This was funny because a few weeks ago when this was really on, my friend told me about Britney Spears looking naked, on a show for little kids. Eminem was funny. 7/10


Commercial- This was only funny because of Will Ferrell 5/10


Backstreet Boys- (see above) Again 0/10


Brial Fellow's Safari Planet- the only Tracy Morgan skit of the night. Mildly Funny, good as a 10 to 1 skech. 6/10


Overall: This was a pretty good episode. I hope the following people decide to come back next year: Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Tim Meadows, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon, Ana Gastyer, and Jimmy Fallon.

Episode Review written by Lauren Tressler

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