Sarah Michelle Gellar / Backstreet Boys
May 15, 1999

Personally, I was a bit dissapointed by this SNL season finale. Last week's episode was way better, but this episode did have it's moments.


Opening: A- (This was funny, as always. I liked it when they did the "Duel of the Fates" song from Star Wars: TPM. Good opening)


Monologue: B- (Sort of weak, it was just the cast hittin' on Sarah. Boring.)


The Tiger Beat Ultra Super Duper Dreamy Love Show: C (Pretty lame for a first sketch. The three guys were just wasted.)


Sex-crazed couple can't rent cabin: A (Hilarous as usual. But this skit has been done quite a few times now. A new idea, people?)


TV Funhouse: The Ginsburg Gang: C- (Not very funny)


MTV's Shame Attack: B (Good. Jimmy Fallon was great as usual as the cool guy and the hosts were good as well)


Musical Guest: BSB: D- (Bleck! It's not like the were bad enough, they had them sitting down doing nothing, and it looks pretty stupid too. Alanis Morissette needs to come back!)


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn: B (One of the better Weekend Updates of the season. The Billy Dee Williams part was hilarous)


Channel 5's Sunday Matinee: Dusty's Love: C+ (This is OK)


Backstage at Nick Kid's Choice Award: B+ (I really liked this little bit)


Commerical: D (D for dumb)


Musical Guest: BSB Part II: F- (Oh come on! Not again!)


Brian Fellow's Safari Planet: B- (One of the better skits. Too bad it was so late in the show)


Overall, dissapointing, but it had it's moments. Sarah was good.

Overall Grade: C+

Episode Review written by John

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