Sarah Michelle Gellar / Backstreet Boys
May 15, 1999

I never eally cared for this sketch before, but I have to admit this
was the best of them yet. Seeing them sing that Sugar Ray song was
kind of entertaining.

2. Monolgue-Sarah M. Gellar. Chris Kattan was first funny, Tim Meados
was only so-so, Molly Shannon was obviously predictable, but Will
Ferrell and Horatio were the real uplifters. B


3. Tiger Beat--Never a big fan of this sketch either, but the dizzyness
of it does ring a certain charm. C-


4. Cabin in the Woods--I always sort of liked this sketch but not too
much but seeing Cheri and SMG get into it together was total fun. B


5. PARENTS AT BASEBALL GAME---Kind of stupid but it was often funny
when Will yelled "get on the damn bag!"


6. TV FUNHOUSE (Ginsburg Gang)--This Scooby parody with Ginsburg was
too stupid. C-


7. SHAME ATTACK--a low try to mock MTV's Blame Game, but doesn't work
well, even though SMG does pull off the female attorney bit. C-


8. Backdoor Boys---How many times do I have to tell everyone--they're
gay. E


9. Weekend Update--The Boulder Colorado police joke was good, but
Cheri's Amy Fisher sucked. Luckily Tim M's Billy Dee Williams was
absolutely hilarious, so save the day at Update. B


10. Sunday Matinee--It was funny as hell til that alien guy came along
then it just became stupid. Chris Parnells "flair gun" line was
hilarious, and helped bring up this stinkin sketch. C


11. KID's Choic Awards--Horatio as Rosie was hilarious. SMG as Britney
was great and Parnell as Eminiem was pretty good too. But the real
treat was Jimmy as MTV's Jesse--that was a hoot! Probably the best of
the night--A-


12. Holding your own...--Cool idea, but not put in a real hialrious


13. Backdoor Boys-Gay, but it was short this time--D-


14. Brian Fellow's Safari Planet--Tracy Morgan was somewhat funny for
his only real appearance for the night, but it was stupid too. C+


Overall--Jimmy as Jesse was the best, but not a bad show...not reallly
good either. Could've been better for a season finale.
Congratualations tot he cast on another pretty good season.

Episode Review written by Andrew Gorczycki

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