Sarah Michelle Gellar / Backstreet Boys
May 15, 1999

Hello ya'll!!! Well, final episode :( What are we all going to do now??? I
hope that everyone has a great summer!! And watch the SNL reruns :) It's
been a blast writing these reviews and reading everyone's. I guess there is
not much more to say except I'll hopefully be seeing ya'll next season!!!
And on with the review...


Overall: Well, it was better than I thought, but I think that's only
because Kattan and Jimmy were in some great sketches! Molly was awesome!
Along with Parnell. Otherwise, Buffy and the Backstreets just were wrong!
There were some strong points with Sarah, but not enough to make this a
GREAT last show. Next time they better make better decisions :) LOL The
whole episode was your average C.


The Culps: Jimmy was so Jimmy in the opening! As soon as I saw the
keyboard I knew it was the Culps and I started to laugh hysterically! Will
and Ana were awesome!! Great way to start the last show! A


Monologue: CHRIS!!! He makes me so happy, especially when he did that
little comment on the Backstreet Boy. Well, first of all though, he could
do a lot better than Miss "Buffy", but I loved how he cracked that joke
about Colin!! Kinda getting back at him for that joke he did on Chris on WU
last week. Molly..Oh my god!!! She was hilarious!! And I loved the costume
they had Will in. Jimmy!!! Damn...too bad he didn't get to sing a song!
And I thought the bit at the end with Horatio eating the chocolates in line
was great! This was a good monologue. A


Tiger Beat: The Mountain Dew comment was the best! And Cheri really was the
only good one in this sketch. There could have been more crowd reaction to
Seth when he came on, but, oh, well...anyway, this was very slow moving, and
not all that funny. It should've been a lot better. They have plenty of
things to work with! C+ (plus for Seth!)


Sexy Neighbors: OMG OMG OMG!!! (Oh My God) Chris and Cheri crack me up! The
stinger thing had me rolling on the floor..and the beaver comments were
classic!!! "Old Vanilla Tootsie Roll" good lord!! And Sarah's comment
"That's what it looks like in the light?" was so awesome!! I think this was
the best sexy neighbors sketch this season! It was great! A


Little League Parents: Hmm..I didn't crack one smile. It was obxinious and
very poor!!! Will was annoying after a while...well, after the first
outburst to be honest. It was just bad. F


Cartoon: The whole Scobby Doo mets the Clinton Scandal was just dumb! I've
always hated these stupid cartoons!!! Very irriating that they waste time
with these!! F


Shame Attack: Jimmy and Chris!! I was already happy with the sketch just
because of these two! But the whole thing didn't make too much sense to
me..I guess that's because I don't watch MTV and I have no idea! Anyway,
Chris's rap was hilarious and I love the "censor" on Molly. And this was
another sketch where Jimmy was just Jimmy! :) B-


Backstreet Boys: Or as my friend just said "BRATstreet Boys" PUKE PUKE
PUKE!! And what was with that guy in that hat? Can we say GAY?? Fast


Weekend Update: Colin looked real spacey tonight, didn't he? I don't know!
Slow jokes in the beginning. The Amy Fisher jokes were picking up though.
Cheri as Amy- I guess I didn't get this at all. I just thought it was lame.
Bad. D Tim as Billy Dee Williams- the best thing about this was Colin's
facial expressions as Tim was talking. But damn, can you say "Ladies' Man"?
They need to get new material. Hopefully they'll find some over the
summer!! D+ (plus for Colin's faces) But very disappointing WU overall! C-


Channel 55/Sunday Matinee: What the hell was this crap!! The only thing I
laughed about was Parnell's red beard and Sarah's feathered 80's hair! I
hope to hell they aren't going to make Horatio into another Goat Boy next
season. That would stop me from watching SNL in a second! The thing with
Will's face floating on screen was ridiculous! After such a decent
beginning they throw this in there! It was TERRIBLE!! HORRIBLE!! AWFUL!!!
Down right insulting to the viewers! I'm sorry all of us had to sit through
this crap! F


Nickeloden Kids Choice Awards: This was a great sketch!! Completely
hilarious!! Big bounce back from the Wanna be Goat Boy sketch! Horatio was
awesome portraying Rosie. And Jimmy as that idiot Jesse was great!!! The
impression and interpretation were right on! Sarah's Britney was funny as
well! But she just needed to stop while she was ahead! Parnell cracked me
up!! B-(minus for Sarah)


The Boob Magazine Commerical: I didn't laugh or crack a smile until Will
came on! He saved the commerical. C


Backstreet Boys: OMG!! Another dumb ass song!!! NOOOOO!!!! Shut up!


Sarafi Planet/Brian Fellows: I can NOT believe they ended the season on
this crap sketch!! This was awful! I didn't see anything remotely funny
about it!! And I'm quite frankly pissed off they had the courage and decency
to end the season on this!!!! Tracy is so much better than that! F


Until next season!!! THAT'S MY REVIEW, AND I'M STICKING TO IT!!!!!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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