Brendan Fraser / Busta Rhymes
February 13, 1999

[OPENING] NBC Special Report: Tripp interview

i missed the first few seconds, it was pretty funny about ana asking
linda about john goodman.

grade: b+


[MONOLOGUE] Brendan Fraser

this was wierd, but kina funny withe the mary-katherine ghallager mice
things though.




this was pretty stupid, kinda surprising with will ferrel, wouldn't ya
say? was NOT impressed.

grade: C

[SKETCH] Judge Judy

cheri really cracks me up. she is my favorite femail character. "bu bu
bub but!" is one of her best lines, and she is just like the real judge

grade: a+


[SKETCH] "Just enjoy the Ozzie and keep your mouth shut"

horatio is just great. he can do an exelant crazy person. i hafta say,
jimmy can really rock pretty hard in the background! (kidding) pretty
funny, tim does a good manager in all sketches.

grade: a

[SKETCH] Zimmermans workout at Hard Bodies

this was hilarious. i can't believe how good cheri and chris go together
as a couple, as good as than will and molly! i like how they spaz over
little things, and do even worse.

grade: a+

[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun With Real Audio (Poetry of Jewel)

very weird. but it is true. jewel's music is death boring, so i'm sure
her poetry is too. 'horeses whisper among the grass, as the eagle spys
the praying mouse...' or whatever. kinda stupid, but funny and true.

grade: B-


[SKETCH] You're a Champion Charlie Brown

the best sketch of the night. "it's my security blanket" "damn it
linus!!!" it was definetly a classic sketch.

grade: A+++


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

only jimmy. he is the best with the guitar, (exept for sandler).


[MUSICAL GUEST] Busta Rhymes

rap sucks.


[SKETCH] Two Fat Ladies

This was so disgusting! this is what they practically do though! funny.

grade: A


[SKETCH] Old Navy lady abuses escort

kinda stupid.



[MUSICAL GUEST] Busta Rhymes

rap sucks.


a funny show...one of the better this season.

Episode Review written by Tyler Jackson

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