Brendan Fraser / Busta Rhymes
February 13, 1999

I can think of a possible senario that led to the mood of this week's show:

A tour bus that the Mad Tv writers were on crashed outside of timessquare, being there was nowhere to turn to in miles, they went over to SNL. they entered to find the cast, crew, writers, etc, stoned off of the cache of weed that busta rhymes brought along with him ( the same weed I might add, appeared in 3 sketches that evening) seeing they had no show done, the mad tv & SNL writers bonded and worked tediously to complete tonights show, here were the results.


[OPENING] NBC Special Report: Tripp interview

Goodman had this sketch dooowwwwn at the begining, then the middle got a bit stupid, but the king ralph thing was pretty funny. 7


[MONOLOGUE] Brendan Fraser

is it just me, or was he just really annoying. I did in fact love the bomb shelter thing, if lorne made fun of himself more often the world
would be a better place. You barely ever see SNL go back into the past, but this was really nice. 9



Reminded me of that commercial with the roach trap, it just kept getting more.....whatever 6


[SKETCH] Judge Judy

This isnt funny anymore, it got old fast. I think they were just letting this sketch ride on brendan fraiser's voice. 6


[SKETCH] "Just enjoy the Ozzie and keep your mouth shut"

it's always cool to see jimmy & horatio team up to do something (did horatio smack molly in the face?) This would have been stupid if not for the part with tim near the end, the old guy seemed to just be tacked on. 7


[SKETCH] Zimmermans workout at Hard Bodies

This was notable for the inane possiblility that cheri may have in fact been wearing a thong the whole time (pause it and you be the judge) I can smell this sketch about to die. 7


[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun With Real Audio (Poetry of Jewel)

This was so damn funny, this was a turning point for tonight's show 10


[SKETCH] You're a Champion Charlie Brown

I could not stop cracking up for like 10 minutes after this happened. so amazingly executed, tim pukeing sold this for me. 10


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

The best WU in a long time, it went on forever, and it all was funny. Jimmy! 9


[MUSICAL GUEST] Busta Rhymes

I have gained a whole new respect for busta now 10


[SKETCH] Two Fat Ladies

You could see where this was going, but it didnt matter, it was funny 9


[SKETCH] Old Navy lady abuses escort

all I have to say is, wow, what the hell were they smoking.....oh yeah.......i know now. 4


[MUSICAL GUEST] Busta Rhymes

wasnt as good as the first, wasnt all that bad either 7

Episode Review written by Ryan Nims

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