Brendan Fraser / Busta Rhymes
February 13, 1999

[opening] linda tripp

there have been alot of good openings lately but this was the best having tom brokaw once again trying to get a word in about his book was great john goodman was hilarious as linda tripp especially when he started talking about how great he was the also found the perfect spot to put in "live from new york it's saturday night"

grade a


[monologue] brendan fraser

in my opinion the monologues are never really too great if i were to compare it to other monologues i would give it an a+ but comparing it to the norm on snl i would have to rate it as this

grade b-


[commercial] bioflex

this was ok but i know that snl can do better then this

grade c+


[sketch] judge judy

this portrayed judge judy perfectly i thought that this was very funny and a good idea

grade b+


[sketch] enjoy the ozzie

this was real funny at first but did get a little old horatio sanz was a great ozzie though which kept this one from dying

grade b-


[sketch] the zimmermans at hard body

this was great kattan was so funny and brendan fraser was absolutely awesome in his role

grade a-


[tv funhouse] jewel's poetry

i love the tv funhouse this was real funny but not as funny as some of the other funhouses

grade b+


[sketch] you're a champion charlie brown

this one had me literally on the floor rolling as soon as i saw ana's wooden hair i fell out of my seat i thought that that was all but then in came brendan with the air head and the curl in the front of his head chris is one of my favorites and when he came in as linus it made it all the better they could have done without the puke but the blood was hysterical

grade a++


[weekend update]

i liked them having so many guests tracy morgan was awesome and jimmy fallon's songs were even better then his halloween ones the part about tinky winky being gay was hillarious

grade a-


[musical guest] busta rhymes

finally a musical guest that isn't grunge i hope they get more like this

grade a+


[sketch] two fat ladies

this was very funny this may be only because i was tired but i enjoyed it

grade b+


[sketch] old navy lady

this wasn't all that great except for the fact that ana did a great old navy lady and the line "leave the lights on magic likes to watch"

grade c+


[musical guest] busta rhymes

once again great but not as good

grade a


overall: overall this was an awesome show it was the best since the cameron diaz episode i can hardly wait until this week bill murray is the man and i know he will be extremely funny don't miss it love peace and chicken grease

Episode Review written by Jordan

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