Brendan Fraser / Busta Rhymes
February 13, 1999

First off, a thank-you to Haresh, a fan who praised my review work. Unfortunately, your in-box rejected my replies, but thanx anyway.

And now for a rant - Brendan Fraser hosting two seasons in a row. I can understand that for 5-timers such as John Goodman and Alec Baldwin. Baldwin's made great movies and Goodman is at least a TV legend. But Brendan Fraser? Hardly the talk of the town. It may be premature to think of Fraser as a potential 5-timer, but you never know. A question that springs to mind is who will be the next 5-timer, but with Bill Murray slated to do it next week, it kind of kills that question. But the truth is, who knows? When Alec Baldwin hosted his first show back in 199_, who knew he would host 7 more times? Admit it, you had no clue. Any host is a potential 5-timer. Gwyneth Paltrow, who hosted last week, is a potential 5-timer. Leo DiCaprio could come out of nowhere and host 5 years in a row. Some guy called .. Robert Mennenovski could become an overnight success and host 5 times. It goes to show you how unpredictable this show really is. But any time someone becomes a 5-timer, or in Brendan's case tonight, a 2-timer, it does mean one thing. They're doing something right.

Quick plug: My ICQ# is 30968730. Anyhoo, review time.


Overview - Well, tonight was the last NHL game at the historic Maple Leaf Gardens, and after some thought, I declined the chance to buy tickets after I figured out I would never make it home for SNL. It's not really a big deal to me, since I've been there before, and basketball is my sport anyhoo, but was it worth it? Read on to find out.


NBC Special Report - John Goodman looked stoned. Liked the crack about his impression and King Ralph. (But I liked that movie, call me crazy) Amusing, not hilarious. B-


Monologue - I thought I'd never see Tom Davis again! MCG rat was great. Same grade as the cold sketch. B-


Bio Flex - Mildly amusing, I think that would definitely help my agility. I do need to get ready for my basketball season. Hmmm... C


Judge Judy - The usual accurate impression of Judge Judy by Cheri Oteri. Great squeaky voice by Fraser. B


Just enjoy the Ozzy and keep your mouth shut - The greatest Ozzy selections combined with a date gone awry is a great combo. Horatio's got a good voice. (I'm serious!) B-


That sex-crazed couple - This sketch could really use some jokes. Might be a welcome change. D-


The Poetry of Jewel - Okay, attack something worth attacking. Maybe Jewel shouldn't read poetry, but whoa! F-


You're a Champion, Charlie Brown - The cartoon comes to life in style! (heh heh) All the running gags were there to make this transition extra hilarious. A+


Weekend Update - The most entertaining Update, if not the best. Three commentators, all great! Great jokes from Colin as well. A+++


Busta Rhymes - If I could have one question I could ask about this show, it would be "What the hell was that?!!" D


Two Fat Ladies - I laughed, I don't know why I laughed, but I laughed. Amazing how SNL never runs out of fat jokes. A-


Zeke the Escort - Um, okay... (smile and nod) C


Busta Rhymes - And if I could have two questions I could ask about tonight's show, the first would be "What the hell was that?" and the second would be "Why the hell did they repeat that" (yadda yadda yadda) and the third would be "Why did he look like a mix between Latrell Sprewell and Princess Leia?" (I think you get the pic) D-


Overall - Some very good sketches, and a lot of okay ones. A very good show. (Brendan was wearing a Maple Leafs jersey in the goodbyes, sniff) A-

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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