Brendan Fraser / Busta Rhymes
February 13, 1999

[OPENING] NBC Special Report: Tripp interview

Good Brokaw impression, Good line by Clinton: "I am bulletproof." John Goodman's facial expressions as Tripp were right on. Also funny was that Tripp only had a "3% approval rating, Sadamm Hussein got an 8." Good way to open the show. 8 out of 10


[MONOLOGUE] Brendan Fraser

An appearance by Tom Davis and Lorne. Big deal. The rats were stupid. The only amusing thing was the Mary Catherine Gallagher rat. 4 out of 10



Although it was a funny idea to see Will get beat up, I just didn't find myself laughing. Which is bad because I usually like all of the commercial parodies. 5 out of 10


[SKETCH] Judge Judy

One of the few recurring sketches that works anymore. Some good one liners by Judy: "Here comes the cork...ouch." The helium talking was another funny aspect. Some of the stuff was borrowed from other Judy sketches. 7 out of 10

[SKETCH] "Just enjoy the Ozzie and keep your mouth shut"

I thought it was a funny concept, albeit a one joke sketch that was probably a little long. I laughed when Tim said, "First of all, Ozzie rules, ok?" The last part seemed really tacked on and pointless. 6 out of 10


[SKETCH] Zimmermans workout at Hard Bodies

These are always exactly the same. With Brenadan as the trainer it wasn't that great. 5 out of 10


[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun With Real Audio (Poetry of Jewel)

Pretty funnyI have the same reaction to Jewel's poetry (yawn). Short and sweet. 7 out of 10.


[SKETCH] You're a Champion Charlie Brown

I found nothing funny about this. 1 out of 10.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Colin was average, Jimmy, who I usually find hysterical, was mediocre. 5 out of 10


[MUSICAL GUEST] Busta Rhymes

Wasn't expecting much, was pleasantly surprised. 6 out of 10


[SKETCH] Two Fat Ladies

For people who don't get the food network, this is a real show. This was basically a bunch of grease jokes. 4 out of 10


[SKETCH] Old Navy lady abuses escort

Didn't watch.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Busta Rhymes

Didn't watch.


Overall: 4 out of 10. Started off ok, but had some REALLY dumb sketches.

Episode Review written by Bryan Roy

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