Brendan Fraser / Busta Rhymes
February 13, 1999

My hopes for this show were very very low. This whole season has been one whole mistake. It has definately been one of the worst season's yet!


NBC Special Report: Tripp Interview: I think that the Clinton sketches are some of the funniest. Hammond does an EXCELLENT job!!! However, the obvious winner here was JOHN GOODMAN!! He has never done a better Linda Tripp impression. The facial expressions were entirely accurate. Plus, he and Ana made fun of how bad the movie, "KING RALPH" was!!! John Should do one sketch every week!



Monologue: I thought this was a riot. Especially the part when the writer says he got the bad weed from Garret Morris. Garret Morris was like the only one of the cast members who didnt do drugs!!! The Mary Catherine Gallagher rat was GREAT also. I loved it how they made fun of Lorne putting all these stupid movies on the big screen!



Bio Flex: Plain old dumb. The commercials of this generation of SNLer's has been very low quality. This is one of the worst yet.



Judge Judy: Always a winner! However, it was quite obvious how Cheri kinda flubbed up her gibberish just a bit. This sketch is very accurate!!!



"Just enjoy the Ozzie & keep you mouth shut": Easily the worst sketch of the night. Can you get any dumber. I dont even like Ozzie Osbourne, let alone Horatio Sanz. The featured playes have got to go.



Zimmermans workout at Hard Bodies: Once again, always a winner. It was great how they had all this sexual talk, yet when Brendan would say something, they would go off on him!!!



Fun With Real Audio (Jewel poetry): I love Fun with Real Audio. My favorite TV FUNHOUSE. But, THIS ONE STUNK!! It didnt even make sense!!! It was awful!



You're a Champion Charlie Brown: Two words: GREAT COSTUMES. I cant believe an SNL sketch had that great of costumes and make-up. It made this mediocre sketch GREAT!



Weekend Update: Way too long and way too boring!



Busta Rhymes: Not a big Fan

GRADE: N/A--didnt watch


Two Fat Ladies: I cant believe they put this good of a sketch so far towards the end. Great costumes, once again, SNL has outdone itself in the costume and makeup department!!! Plus, Fraser and Hammond do an OUTSTANDING job inpersonating these two woman!



Old Navy Lady Abuses Escort: I thought this sketch was going to be good when i first saw the Old Navy Lady, I was way off. It was awful. They could have done so much more with her. The only funny parts were when Ana's glasses kept falling off!



Busta Rhymes: DIDNT WATCH--However, i cant believe they put a musical guest at the very end. BAD PLANNING

GRADE: F--for bad planning


Overall Grade: C+

Best Sketches:
-Linda Tripp Interview
-Zimmermans Workout
-Charlie Brown

Worst Sketches:
-Ozzie Osbourne
-Fun With Real Audio
-Old Navy Lady

Episode Review written by Brett Rozanczyk

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