Brendan Fraser / Busta Rhymes
February 13, 1999

[OPENING] John Goodman sure does a good job guesting, and I love his Linda Tripp impression. ***


[MONOLOGUE] This monologue was very good. Usually I hate monologues, but I like how Brendan found tom Davis in a bomb shelter with rats teaching them comedy and how Lorne Michaels comes in and fantasizes about fortune. What an egotist! ****


[COMMERCIAL] I'm not sure, but it seems like their ripping of the Dancer parody they did with Dana Carvey. **


[SKETCH]Judge Judy is one of my all time faves. I like this sketch very much. ****


[SKETCH]Well, I don't like Ozzy Osborne, so I really didn't like the whole music part, but the characters were funny. **


[SKETCH]God, the Zimmerman's were even more sex-crazed than ever! I like how physical Cheri and Chirs get. Brendan looked as though he wanted to kill them. ****


[TV FUNHOUSE]Fun with Real Audio will always be one of my favorites as far as TV Funhouse goes. Jewel's poetry might have sucked, and the characters weren't afraid to let you know it! ****


[SKETCH]Reminds me of Massive Headwound Harry. Everyone reacted so comically to poor Charlie Brown. Kind of a PI version of Peanuts. I liked the joke about Lucy not being a real doctor! ***


[WU]Colin Quinn gets better and better! And Chris Parnell was very funny!!!! ****


[MUSICAL GUEST]I hate Busta Rhymes! He looks like a cross between a crack whore and a hippie. *


[SKETCH]Darrel and Brendan were more realistic than the real Two Fat Ladies. I give snaps to them for bearing all that rubber and makeup. ****


[SKETCH]I swear I caught a mistake when Carrie Donovan kept dropping the glasses. Ana looked too much like Miss Donovan. Amazing!! ****


[MUSICAL GUEST]Boring. Do you need another reason?? *


Grading code: *--Extremely boring/Unoriginal/Snoozer
**--Good, but could have been better
***--Funny. Something's missing and I don't know what, but very good!
****--Excellent, well-done, snaps to all.

OVERALL FOR THE NIGHT--***1/2. In my book, that's a high rating. The show, although very funny, was flawed as far as the commercial and the musical guest. I didn't fall asleep, so I must have been deeply interested. Job well done!

Episode Review written by Allison

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