Cameron Diaz / Smashing Pumpkins
September 26, 1998

Hard to believe this is 24th season of SNL. Despite its recent ups and downs, SNL is still the best program format on TV today and is the only program I really follow closely. I'm a communications major and I aspire to become involved with SNL someday. I have a life, just so you know.

Here's my grading scale for skits:


Opening: Oprah 2002: A decent parody of the Clinton scandal. I thought it was somewhat amusing and clever, but honestly I was expecting something with more of a bite to it. Tim's Oprah is well done, but not funny However, the Clinton mustache thing was amusing. Grade:C+


Montage: The theme music used was upbeat, compared to the last few seasons, but the graphics need some getting used to. I hope the producers change it to a more traditonal montage.


Monologue: Cameron Diaz is hot to look at, they should have done a Pamela Lee type thing here. I didn't like the monologue, the idea and the writing was weak. They have to improve in this area this year. Grade: D.


Commercial: MasterCard. Good idea for a skit. Kudos to the writers for this one. Grade: B+


The View: This skit about that political correct waste of time program is way overused. It was funny once, amusing twice, and vomit provoking the third time. HOWEVER, putting Cameron Diaz in a bodybag filled with raccoons saved the sketch. Next time, they should bring in Colin Fergueson on as a guest for this skit. Grade: C-.


Commercial: Oops! I crapped my pants: This would have been a great complement to those dreaded cheerleaders. This was funny, but predictable. Grade: B.


Ladies Man: OH YEah, this skit is ok, but would have been better if Clinton was a guest on the Ladies Man. It's getting old. Grade: C.


Best of First 20 Mins: Intriging idea for a skit, but no real comedic value to it. Grade: C.


Hollywood Squares: I liked some of the imitations and the concept was good, but this skit could have been developed better. Grade: C+


TV Funhouse: As usual, the best part of SNL the past few seasons. Although, this could have been filled with more surprises. Grade: B+


Weekend Update: Can't remember many of the jokes. The set was tacky and Dominican Lou should be retired in a drive-by. I don't think Colin Quinn is that bad actually and he puts a good effort in, but he should be replaced eventually. Grade: C-.


Musical Guest: N/R.


Roxbury Guys meet the Frenstruk Brothers: I hate the Roxbury Guys and I don't know how they could have wrote a movie script about them. It's a one dementional skit. Funny the first couple of times, but that's it. However, just seeing Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd doing their thing gave the skit some merit. Grade: C+. (I'm sure w'll see this in the best of video)


Witches: Of all the skits you could do, why this one. I also hate the "You had to be there" type humor. It reminds me of 7th Grade wanna bes and never will be's. (I hated Something about Mary, just so you know, even though the creators are from my home state, RI) This skit is to the left of gay.Grade: D.


GAP CLinton: Nice rebound from the witches and a good take-off on those stupid GAP ads. Grade: B.


Jingleheimer Jct: Everyone I talked to loved this skit. It was probably the best one of the night, but it was still one dementional. It panders to the Southpark mentality, which is just an IQ point higher (and a chromosome extra) from the Jerry Springer watcher. Horatio Sanz looks promising. I'll give this skit a good mark because it was funny, but I don't think it was very mature. Grade: B.


GAP Hillary Clinton: Ok, but not as good as the one with Bubba, the commander in heat. Grade C+.


Spice Girls: There are better parody material than this. Grade: C-.


MAAKIES: Huh? I got it and it's better than the Golords. Iis a good attempt for something new, but not funny. Grade: a generous C.


GAP Ken Starr: The guy who does this impression is pretty good. However, I think 3 GAP take-offs are too much. Grade: B-.


Overall Grade: C+. This was actually one of the better premieres in the last 4 or 5 seasons, but it lacked vigor. The writing and performing was average. Since 1995, SNL hasn't been horrible, but it hasn't been great either. It's just ok, and will probably remain that way for another season or two. Lorne should really cut the cast down to 7 or 8, with 2 featured performers. Overall SNL '98 is better than the smut Howard Stern produces and I'll take a mediocre SNL any day over that hedonistic garbage.

Episode Review written by Maddog

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