Cameron Diaz / Smashing Pumpkins
September 26, 1998

Oprah 2002 -

I thought it was okay, not the best opening they could've done. John Goodman as Linda Tripp is always hilarious, but otherwise I found it kind of lame.


Monologue -

Sorry, but I thought this sucked. It was pretty stupid and I didn't laugh at all.


MasterCard Commercial -

I thought this was pretty funny. I especially liked the thing about Monica's dress.


The View -

The View is getting old. The first times I saw it, it was funny. Sarah Michelle Gellar was excellent when she did it, but now it's getting tired. The best part was Tracy Morgan (as he always is in The View).


Oops! I Crapped My Pants -

This was so funny. Call me immature if you want, but I was practically rolling on the ground.


The Ladies' Man -

Not the best Ladies' Man but not bad either. It was funny, but not the greatest. It ranks somewhere in the middle.


The Best of the First 20 Minutes of SNL -

Cute idea.


Hollywood Squares -

Sorta funny...I don't know, I don't have much to say about this skit. It was just kind of average.


Fun With Reel Audio -

Started off really funny, but then I got kind of sick of seeing stains all over everything. The Richard Nixon bit was funny though.


Weekend Update -

Colin was okay...Dominican Lou was funny. I liked the whole bit about Gary Gaetti's ball and one million dollars. The presidential clips were kind of funny....I don't know, this W.U. was average.


Smashing Pumpkins -

I never watch the musical guest unless it's someone I really like.


Roxbury Guys/Wild and Crazy Guys -

This was funny. I was cracking up with Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd at the end. At this point in the show I came to the conclusion that Cameron Diaz is not funny and the castmembers were trying hard but her un-funniness is hard to cover up.


Witches Elixer -

This was funny but got kind of old. SNL needs to learn when to end a skit.


GAP: President Clinton -

I liked it. It was funny. I think SNL has something against the Gap.


Jingleheimer Junction -

This was hilarious. Will Ferrell was hilarious and so was the new guy, Horatio Sanz (I think that's his name). I liked it.


GAP: Hillary Clinton -

Funny, but not as good as the President Clinton one.


Spice Girls on how to be a mommy -

This cracked me up. I love everytime they dress up as the Spice Girls cus Chris Kattan is hilarious. Molly Shannon's accent kinda sucked but otherwise the whole skit was hilarious.


Maakies -

Pointless, tasteless and utterly dumb.


GAP: Kenneth Starr -

It was okay...I think the Bill Clinton one was the best of the 3 Gap commercials, though.


Overall -

An okay show...could've been better but not really bad or anything. On a 1-10 scale I'd give it a 6.5

Episode Review written by Lindsay Calhoun

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