Cameron Diaz / Smashing Pumpkins
September 26, 1998

[Oprah 2002]Stupid. I barely laughed. What a way to start out the new season.D+


[Monolauge]Also stupid. Did it have a point? They've thought up of better stuff before.D-


[Commercial]Funny spoof of the Mastercard commercials.B


[The View]Out of the three they've done before, this is the dumbest. It was funny when they had 'Let's Dare Debbie' and put her in a bag with a racoon.C+


[Commercial]Funny, but gross commercial.B


[The Ladies' Man]It was one of the funniest Ladies' Man sketches. Usually I don't like this sketch, hut when they do 'The Ladies' Man Presents', it gets funny.B


[Commercial]One of the funniest commercials over the past seasons. Great spoof of the NBC video commercials.A


[Hollywood Squares]Funny. Tim Meadows was geat as Whoopi Goldberg.B-


[Cartoon]Worst Fun With Real Audio ever.B-


[Weekend Update]Colin Quinn has never been as funny as Norm MacDonald on Weekend Update. Some funny jokes though.B-


[Smashing Pumpkins]I like this song.A


[The Roxburry Guys]If more of these sketches are more like the one in this episode, they should retire the sketch very soon.C+


[The Witches' Pot Smells]Didn't even smile.F




[Jinglehiemer Junction]Funny. Good Acting and Overacting.B-




[Spice Girls]I like when they do Spice Girls because I hate them.B-


[Makkies]I hope they never do this again.D




Overall:B. Cameon Diaz isn't very good in sketch comedy. I'm glad Jim Breauer's gone. The new cast members look funny.

Episode Review written by Lane Cooper

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