Cameron Diaz / Smashing Pumpkins
September 26, 1998

Opening: Oprah 2002

Tim's Oprah is getting better, and the premise for this sketch was good. I especially liked John Goodman as Linda Tripp. All in all, not bad.

Grade: B


Monologue: Cameron Diaz

I didn't get it. She yells at some guy in the audience. Dumb.

Grade: D- (Spared an F only because of Cameron's dress)


Commercial: Mastercard

I liked this one. It seemed very realistic. Better than most.

Grade: Priceless


Sketch: The View

This one's getting kind of old, but it's always fun to see Barbara Walters get pissed at Debbie. Also, Ana as Joy Behar was different. Not bad, but not the best View they've done.

Grade: B-


Commercial: Oops, I Crapped My Pants

Another good commercial. The iced tea killed me.

Grade: A-


Sketch: The Ladies Man

Wow, did Cameron Diaz look hot! Hearing Tim say "wang mouthified" was great. This was a good one, but I like it when he takes calls from listeners better than his acting ones.

Grade: B


Commercial: Best of the First Twenty Minutes

Another creative commercial. Also, good job in editing to get those shots into a commercial so quickly.

Grade: B+


Sketch: Hollywood Squares

This was okay. I've always wondered if that display thing would fall. I thought they could have done more with this sketch, though.

Grade: C


Cartoon: Fun With Real Audio

Hilarious. Stains everywhere. And the hair sticking up, great reference with Cameron on the show. Laughed my ass off. One of the best FWRA they've done.

Grade: A


Weekend Update

Don't remember any of the jokes except for Dominican Lou. Can't really give a grade.


Musical Guest: Smashing Pumpkins

Not my favorite band, but they were pretty good

Grade: B


Sketch: Roxbury Guys meet Two Wild and Crazy Guys

Started out slow and seemed to be following same pattern as every Roxbury sketch. Akyroyd and Martin were a great surprise at the end. "We enjoy your great big American breasts"

Grade: B+


Sketch: Witches Elixir

Dumb. Worst sketch of the night. Even Will couldn't help it.

Grade: D


Commercial: Gap

I'm gonna do all three Gap commercials together. They were realistic and creative. Pretty good for that late in the show.

Grade: B


Sketch: Jingleheimer Junction

This was great for this late in the show. UCKF, lets move F to the front of the line. Also, the in and out song killed me.

Grade: A-


Commercial: Spice Girls

Not bad impersonations. Not as funny as it was the first time last year.

Grade: C


Cartoon: Maakies

What the hell was this? Can anyone help me out here?

Grade: F



I thought this was a great start to the new season. Cameron Diaz looked incredible, the sketches were funny, and the commercial parodies seemed better than last year. I hope they all are this good.

Grade: A-

Episode Review written by Kirk Yagel

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