Cameron Diaz / Smashing Pumpkins
September 26, 1998

Oprah 2002: A great opening to the season. I wasn't expecting John Goodman to make a special guest appearance as Linda Tripp. I liked when at one point, it sounded like Tripp would apologize to Lewinsky for the letting out her secret, but instead only apologized for a remark she made about a dress. Grade: A+


Monologue: It was allright, but after four months off, this was all that they could come up with? Grade: C+


Mastercard: This was hilarious. PRICELESS!!!! Easily the best commercial parody with this cast. Grade: A+


The View: If Cheri Oteri is in it, of course it is going to be good. The View is one of the best recurring sketches/parodies ever on this show. Tracy Morgan as Star Jones telling Mark McGuire he wnats to bite his rear end, and Debbie Metenopulous with the racoon- I could not stop laughing. Grade: A+


Oops! I Crapped My Pants!: Another great commercial parody. The end of the commercial with the pants ready to burst was hysterical. Grade: A+


The Ladie's Man: Well, even though Tim Meadows has been on this show for way too long, he continues to show more and more talent. This was a great sketch, with the re-enactment of Clinton on the phone while Lewinsky was in the office. Grade: B+


First 20 Minutes Of SNL: Great spoof on themselves!!!! Grade: A+


Hoolywood Squares: I did not like this. With all the impressions, it had the potential, but then the whole premise of the squares falling killed the possiblity for a decent sketch. Grade: F


Weekend Update: It was decent, but it could have been better. I don't like how Colin Quinn does that stand up introduction before he reads the news. Dominican Lou bombed. Grade: B


Smashing Pumpkins: Great musical guest


Roxbury Guys/Festrunk Brothers: WOW!!!!!! The Roxbury guys routine is getting a little tired, but the Festrunk Brothers surprise appearnance was one of the best moments in SNL's history! Grade: A+


Witches Brew: This sketch was bombing, but then the best cast member on the show, Cheri Oteri saved it. Grade: C


Gap Commercial with Bill Clinton: The "Kiss it!" line was priceless. Grade: A+


Jingleheimer Junction: This was hilarious. I didn't expect a sketch this late in the show to be this good. The new guy, Horatio Sanz seems like he'll be a decent cast member. Grade: A+


Gap Commercial with Hillary Clinton: Another good commercial parody? Four in one episode? That has to be some kind of a record for SNL. Garde: A+


Spice Girl Mommies: Cheri Oteri's Sporty Spice Girl line "I'll kick anyone who tries to get me pregnant!" was good, although overall, the sketch was a little weak. Grade: C+


Maakies: What? How was this allowed to air? Grade: F


Gap Commercial with Kenneth Starr: This one, unlike the other Commercial parodies, failed. Grade: F


Overall: This was a great season opener. I just don't understand why the Hollywood Squares sketch was put on so early. But overall, it was a good episode, with "The View" being the best. I'm glad that the this cast has stayed intact for so many years now, although they are at a loss not having Jim Breuer anymore.

Grade: B+

Episode Review written by Eric Golden

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