Cameron Diaz / Smashing Pumpkins
September 26, 1998

[OPENING] Oprah 2002 : This had a good idea but and Tim does a great impresion of Oprah but I still didn't like it = C


[MONOLAUGE] Cameron Diaz : The only good thing about this was it was short and it got it out of the way = B+


[COMMERCIAL] Mastercard : this was very realistic and very funny = A


[SKETCH] The View : this is always a treat I liked the dare Debbie but they have ruined the beginning = A


[COMMERCIAL] Oooops I crapped My Pants : this was hilarious the best commercial of all time = A++++


[SKETCH] The Ladies Man : I was hoping for him taking phone calls but the acting was pretty good , another funny on = A+


[COMMERCIAL] First 20 Minutes of SNL : This was very creative but not that funny = A-


[SKETCH] Hollywood Squares : this was a good theme but they could of made this a lot better = B


Cartoon : Fun with audio : This was SICK = C






[SKETCH] Roxbury Guys : another great performance and I love the wild and crazy guys at the end = A+


[SKETCH] The jokes were good = A-


[COMMERCIAL] ALL 3 Gap were alright = C


[SKETCH] Jinglehiemer Junction : best skit by far the entire night very cleaver and a great job by Haratio Sanz = A++


[SKETCH] Spice Girls : This was a lot better last year with Sarah Michelle Gueller but alright = B-


[CARTOON] : This sucked it was just simple math F--------------


OVERALL This was a great show and deserves an A

Episode Review written by dlloyd

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