Cameron Diaz / Smashing Pumpkins
September 26, 1998

[OPEN] Oprah 2002

Pretty good...Linda Tripp (John Goodman) was hilarious.B+


[MONO] Host

She didn't act very good right there.Not like, morally mean, but she acted like it was done deliberately...I know, it is on purpose but its not supposed to seem like it...right?Ugly dress as well.The closest to a laugh it got was a really hard smile. C+


[COMM] Mastercard

Really really really funny.If the voice was better, it would've gotten an A plus.A


[SHOW] The View

Financial tips for lesbians, heeheehee.Cameron Diaz should've fallen down sooner with that raccoon.A


[COMM] Oops! I Crapped My Pants!

Sick and amusing in a light-hearted way.B+


[SHOW] The Ladies Man

Funny and well put together, but too much oralness.A-


[COMM] The Best of the First 20 Minutes

How true.A+


[GAME] The New Hollywood Squares

"Not too Shabby"B+


[TOON]Fun With Real Audio:Presidential Address Outtakes

Gross and funny, though they pushed it on the semen.I mean, how would all that get on the ceiling??What, he sprayed it and it missed Monica??B+



For once it was really good and humorous.B+


[MUSC] "Perfect"

Meh.Ok, I guess.I usually don't listen really hard to the music.B


[SKIT]The Festrunk Brothers Visit the Moomba Club

ROFL and more of it.A+


[SKIT]Mixing Up A Stinky Brew

Really creative with the words, but not too good.B-


[COMM] Gap

Heheh.Saxaphone, heheheh.A-


[SHOW] Jingleheimer Junction

Seemed sorta like a MADTV skit I once saw...LOL.If your wondering why I don't say LMAO, how can I do that????What, I laugh so hard I don't have anything to sit on anymore???That is the stupidest acronym I ever heard of.Plus, its vulgar.Cameron can't sing.Ana can.Simple enough.A+


[COMM] Gap

Hahaha.Better that the first one.A


[SKIT]A Message From the Spice Girls

Sorta funny, sorta sucky...Hmmm.B+



Bubbly and predictable.B+


[COMM] Gap

K, we get the friggin' point.B-



Would've been a B+, but because of the unusual # of A's, its an A-.Really enjoyable.

Episode Review written by StuffSM21

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